The Nexx XG200: a quality composite fiber retro motocross helmet.


Review of the Nexx X.G200 retro dirtbike crash helmet.

Portuguese helmet makers, Nexx, are starting to build a bit of a reputation in the retro helmet world.

First we saw their XG100. Which they then stuck a shield on to make the more practical (and still cool) XG100R.

The Nexx X.G200 in Super Hunky graphics

And now, with the XG200, there’s a funky retro dirt bike variant.

Looking at the spec sheet, it’s got a fiberglass-based composite fiber shell, some always open vents, a (slightly) adjustable peak and… and that’s about it.

But then, it’s a retro helmet and retro mostly means large helpings of old school style together with big dollops of compromise.

So, if the style of the XG200 works for you and you’re thinking you might like one as your next lid, then here’s what the Nexx XG200 offers…

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What you see is pretty much what you get with the Nexx XG200.

Front view of the plain gloss white ‘Purist’ XG200

There’s no shield of course, so you’ll have to dig out those old Oakleys.

And while you’ll get some protection from that (carbon reinforced) chin bar and composite fiber shell should the worst happen, you’ll still be open to the elements, grit and noise that’s part of the territory with a dirt helmet.

So if you’re looking for a road helmet for the city, you should be OK. But if you’re looking to up the miles and speed – then maybe not.

The XG is nicely made though, with some great finishes and graphics that’ll complement most retro rides.

And for a decent price, you get a nice quality helmet that’s ideal for urban cruising with a bit of offroading thrown in.

Overall then, while it probably won’t be the best protecting helmet out there, if you’re looking for a real statement helmet for good money and don’t mind the lack of bells and whistles, then the Nexx X.G200 is a stylish lid that’s well worth a look.


(more about helmet safety)

If you’re looking for a helmet that’ll offer the best protection, Nexx has an OK reputation. Not the best but OK.

nexx xg200 desert race black retro helmet side view
Desert Race XG200

That’s based on historic Eurpoean SHARP test data where we can see that every one of their independently tested ECE helmets has scored 3 stars out of a maximum 5.

That includes a couple of composite fiber helmets which have similar construction to the XG200 too.

OK, we don’t know exactly how well the XG200 will stack up if SHARP or Snell was to test it – it may score 5 stars for all we know. And of course, that’s data testing the European versions of the helmet, not US which may be slightly different. But we’d expect another 3 star rating, for obvious reasons.

The shell on the XG200 is made using Nexx’s X-Matrix 2 construction methods. That’s a fiberglass composite that should make for a particularly stiff helmet shell that’s pretty light weight too.

nexx xg200 rok on retro helmet front view
Rok’on graphic XG200

In fact it weighs around 2.9lbs (1.3kg) which is nice and light weight – and that’s great for safety as well as comfort because there’s less inertia caused by the helmet during an impact.

While it’s a motocross helmet, so doesn’t come with a shield, the viewport is wide so it gives great peripheral vision. Again, great for safety.

And there’s an old-style double d ring fastener to keep the helmet securely tied to your head.

The Nexx XG200 is of course DOT certified (ECE 22-05 if you buy one in Europe/Oz) so, while it hasn’t been independently tested by Snell (they’ve never tested a Nexx helmet from what we can see), it has been put through its paces by the ECE testing crew.

Nexx makes the XG200 in two shell sizes which is OK and gives you a little bit of size/safety optimisation over single shell helmets.

And they’ve also reinforced the chin bar with carbon fiber, I guess to increase rigidity and reduce weight a bit there.

nexx xg200 super hunky motocross helmet top view
Top-down view of the XG200 Super Hunky

If you like carbon fiber helmets, there’s also a XG200 Carbon version which we suspect is the same composite fiber shell but with a layer of carbon fiber over the top to give it that full carbon look.

Helmet Noise

(more about helmet noise)

The XG200 doesn’t have a shield so there’s a shed load of space for wind and noise to get inside the helmet. It does have 3D cheekpads and a reasonably plush liner though which will both help with reducing noise.

But like most dirt bike helmets, don’t expect it to be particularly quiet and expect to need to wear ear plugs to make it tolerable for riding over distance if you’re planning on taking it on the roads.


(more about helmet ventilation)

Those seven vents in the chin bar are the most obvious way air’s going to get inside the helmet.

This one’s the Desert Race XG200 in yellow

But there are also a couple of forehead vents hidden beneath the peak if you look closely.

Like the chin bar vents, they’re always-open so you can’t close them off. But there is a bit of protection given by the helmet peak to stop rain getting in there. And those forehead vents do take air through the helmet shell and into channels cut into the internal EPS liner to give some venting to your head.

All the vents are covered by a metal mesh which should stop the worst of the road dirt and flies getting inside the helmet. And while the forehead vents are a bit minimal (so don’t expect the best helmet venting in the world) the chin bar vents should let in a stack of air.

Although, because it’s a motocross helmet without a shield, they’re probably more about looks and image than giving riders ventilation around the mouth. I mean, there’s not exactly much need!


(more about shields)
Nice large goggles port on the Star Race XG200

The XG200 is a retro motocross helmet so there’s no shield available (yet!). Though we wouldn’t be surprised if Nexx don’t offer a snap-on shield in the not too distant future.

But, for now, if you do buy one, expect to use a pair of shades with it – or budget for some goggles too.

There’s a nice large goggles port in there so it should fit a wide range of goggles. Though it’s not exactly designed to really cater for goggles very well.

There isn’t a rear moulding to keep a strap in place or a goggles loop either; so expect a bit of fiddling to keep your goggles in place.

Mind you, retro helmets are never the last word in practicality so you kinda expect to have to make do to some extent.

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The peak on the XG200 clips onto the helmet using the 3 studs above the viewport, and includes vent slots to help reduce lift when you’re upping the pace.

It’s a basic peak, though it is slightly adjustable up and down which will give you a little flexibility to set it up just how you like it – whether that’s to reduce lift a bit or give more shade.

Comfort and Sizing

(more about comfort and sizing)

The internal fitment of the Nexx XG200 is medium oval so it should suit most rider’s heads (if you’ve a longer head shape, take a look at some longer oval helmets). And it’s made in fitment sizes XS-XXL.

Side view of the carbon fiber composite XG200

The interior uses Nexx’s X-Mart Dry fabrics which are soft to the touch and are moisture wicking and hypoallergenic. It’s also designed to look suitably retro with fabrics coming in either a black or tan to mimic the colors of leather found in older quality lids.

The internal lining is removable and washable and, unusually, it’s held in entirely by velcro. So expect it to be mega easy to remove but take a bit more time and fiddling to refit.

If you’re looking to fit a bluetooth kit inside your XG200, there aren’t any speaker pockets in there so you’re going to struggle a bit. Having said that, we have heard of one owner who managed to fit his Sena kit inside so it sounds like it is possible.

Looks & Graphics

As you’d expect with a helmet like the XG200, most of the helmet graphics are classic and retro inspired.

Rear view of the Star Race graphic XG200

You can get a plain gloss white, plain matt black (called Purist) or gloss carbon fiber versions if you prefer not to have graphics on your lid.

If you do like retro graphics, there’s 4 different designs, each with a choice of colors. That’s the Super Hunky design, Desert Race, Rok On and Star Race – and you should find examples of all up and down the page.

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Nexx X.G200 Video

Here’s a short video by some guy who’s loving his XG200 for urban riding.

Other stuff – warranty

Nexx XG200’s come with a 2 year warranty.

Good Alternatives to the Nexx X.G200?

Surprisingly, for what you’d expect to be a niche sort of helmet, there’s some great alternatives out there.

Bell Moto 3

First up is the original retro – the Bell Moto 3 based on their original 70’s scrambler helmet. If having the real thing’s important to you, then this is the one to go for.

Tokko Nexx X.G100

Nexx do another super light weight retro helmet – the Nexx XG100 (no shield) or XG100R (shield) which you should take a look at too.

shoei vfx evo blazon motocross crash helmet side view

If you’re after a regular motocross lid, then the Shoei VFX-Evo is a Snell certified composite fiber lid with EQRS and slip plane internals for better rotational control.

Otherwise, there’s a host of classy and retro goodness to be found on our retro helmets pages. Or for more dirt helmets, check our motocross section.


Looking to buy a Nexx XG200?

Please click below to visit the Nexx XG200 helmets pages at our recommended stores – all checked for great online ratings. And if you buy from any store, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

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