All about dual-homologation for motorcycle crash helmets

What is a dual-homologated or P/J homologated motorcycle helmet?

Good question.

The first thing to say is that it’s a term coined by the European ECE 22.05 motorcycle helmet testing legislation so doesn’t have any legal standing here in the US and relates to modular/flip-up helmets only.

It means a modular crash helmet that’s been tested and approved to offer protection (and be used) with both the chin guard down as well as up. And while it’s not legally-relevant in the US, it’s probably worth checking out because we all want our modular helmets to give decent protection in both configurations right?

It’s your call of course, but read on if you want more information on dual homologated helmets – plus we’ve tagged all helmets we’ve looked at that are dual homlogated here.

Some Caberg dual-homologated helmets have a slider to lock the chin guard up in J mode

P/J helmets

Most flip-front helmets are designed to offer protection with their chin guards down, so they act as a full face helmet.

If it does, it’s given type P certification for protective face covering.

But some are also tested and approved to be worn with the chin guard up, worn like an open face or jet style helmet. That’s J certification.

If they have both, it’s called P/J approved or dual homologated.

It’s legally relevant for EU and ECE 22-05 countries only

Non-protective chin guards

Note, the very occasional modular is approved without P certification – in which case they should be clearly marked that the chin guard doesn’t offer protection and labelled NP (for non protective). But they’re rare. Much more common are modulars that are designed and approved to give protection only when used in full face mode, with the chin guard lowered.

The Roof Boxer V8, dual homologated with a chin guard that flips round to the rear of the helmet

So if you’re buying a motorcycle crash helmet outside of the EU or ECE 22-05 zone, you don’t legally have to concern yourself about dual homologation.

However, we’d say if you do buy a modular, you might as well go for one that the manufacturer is happy will work in both configurations – and are willing to put to the test.

What’s the best dual-homologated flip-up helmet?

You can find all our dual-homologated P/J helmets here.

There’s plenty to choose from but at the time of writing, we’d say the ones to watch are the AGV Numo Evo and Shark Evoline 3. They all score well for safety and are great, usable helmets from trusted manufacturers.


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