Nexx X.G100R review: a retro full face motorcycle helmet with face shield

Nexx X.G100R – Retro cool full face helmet; now with added face shield.

First, Nexx introduced the X.G100. That’s a composite fiber retro helmet with a chin bar but no fixed shield. You can get a slightly weird external soft plastic shield held in place by snaps, and that’s fine if you like to try something a little different, but not if you’re riding serious miles.

So now, Nexx has brought out the next step in the X.G100’s evolution – the X.G100R (R for racing).

For the R, they’ve added an extra shell size to the line up, which means both the X.G100 and X.G100R cover more fitment sizes (now from XS – XXL), they’ve added an internal slider to let you close off the chin vent, and they’ve uprated the interior lining (see comfort section below).

And – crucially – you can now buy an X.G100 with a permanent, articulating shield. Yay.

Nexx X.G100R carbon fibre motorbike helmet front view
Mean, moody and always classy – the full carbon X.G100R

All in all, now you can look cool and, when posing time finishes and riding time begins, have a more usable and practical helmet!

For more information on many more features, please check out our review of the original X.G100 shieldless retro helmet.

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Nexx X.G100R grand win red white blue side view
Classic lines and classy retro paint scheme on the Grand Win


(more about helmet safety)

The X.G100R is available in both full carbon and Nexx’s X-Matrix composite material. That’s a composite of pretty well every well-known hi-tech helmet material you can think of – fiberglass, aramid, carbon and organic fibers all forming a complex laminate.

Which should make for a decent and strong helmet shell. We’d still expect it to score about 3 stars in the SHARP helmet safety test, simply by looking back at previous Nexx scores (every Nexx helmet to date has scored 3 stars!) though obviously that’s an educated guess.

Having said that, it is of course DOT and  ECE certified, and don’t forget that having a helmet that fits really well and is comfortable is just as important for safety as Snell certification or a high SHARP rating. So, if you’re unsure, follow our helmet fitting guide.

Having a good quality, clear shield is massively important in keeping you out of trouble in the first place – so that’s another tick in the box for the X.G100R over the old X.G100.

It’s also a wide shield to give extra good peripheral vision, and it’s secured with a double-d ring fastener. They’re fine, as long as they’re fully and tightly secured every trip. If they’re not, they can come off (unlikely but possible) although that goes for every type of helmet fastener, not just the d-ring.

Nexx X.G100R motordrome titanium yellow front view
Motordrome graphics are available in red, green, white, blue – and this titanium/yellow version

Check out the review of the original X.G100 to find more details on safety.


(more about helmet ventilation)

As per the original X.G100, there’s not much ventilation going on in the form of vents. Of course, with the original, there wasn’t a fixed shield in place so it was always going to be pretty windy in there – at least around your face.

There is a single small chin vent/slot in there and that does help with cooling a bit, but if it chucks it down in the old shieldless X.G100, you can get a mouth full of rain.

So, for the X.G100R, Nexx has put an open/close slider on the inside of the helmet so you can close it off; again, making the Race helmet more user-friendly and practical than the old helmet.

nexx x.G100R white crash helmet rear view@1x
Classic retro helmet lines

Face Shield

(more about shields)

The main difference between the old X.G100 and the R version is, of course, the addition of a face shield.

It’s a flat polycarbonate shield – Nexx mentions that it’s a Lexan shield but that’s just a manufacturer of polycarbonate so nothing to really write home about because all shields are polycarbonate.

The ‘flat’ part means that it’s not shaped – apart from being stamped then wrapped around the helmet when it’s fitted. Racing helmets tend to have flat shields because it reduces distortion and means you can fit tear-offs.

There aren’t any tear offs available for the X.G100R that we’re aware of, though there are various colored smokes to suit your helmet or your bike.

Nexx X.G100R purist gloss black motorcycle helmet front view
Nexx X.G100R in plain gloss black

It’s also a wider-than-average shield, and Nexx say there’s an antifog insert available to keep shield misting to a minimum.

The ones available for the X.G100R aren’t the usual Pinlock, they’re by an Italian company called Raleri who make inserts for all kinds of sports goggles and shields as well as for bikes – so we’d expect them to be pretty good.

The good news is that Nexx is selling the X.G100R with an insert in the box – hurray!

Comfort and Sizing

(more about comfort and sizing)

The X.G100R is an identical fitment to the old X.G100R – that’s a medium oval fitment with a nice plush liner.

Having said that, Nexx has upgraded the lining with the R version (and retrofitted it to the old X.G100) and they both use Nexx’s X-Mart Dry moisture-wicking, anti-allergenic materials. That’s decent performance fabric and one that makes for a comfortable helmet lining.

Nexx X.G100R billy b white red top view
X.G100R in Billy B graphics

It also features 3D padding for a closer fit and is fully removable and washable.

They’ve also added a nice retrotastic leather-look chin curtain to the bottom of the chin guard to keep out extra draft and noise (a bit).

Looks & Graphics

Obviously, the looks of the X.G100R speak for themselves and you’ve probably read this far because you’re sold on the idea of a retro helmet but one with a few modern touches.

The graphics are important too – and Nexx has been busy creating some really rather nice paint schemes that really set off the form of the helmet.

There’s a great looking plain carbon version (carbons are about $50 more) but if you’re looking for a graphic version to set off your bike, the rest use Nexx’s X-Matrix lightweight composite shells.

Please visit our recommended retailer pages to check the latest graphics in addition to the ones you’ll find up and down the page here. Please use the links below to jump straight to their Nexx Helmets pages.

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Nexx X.G100R Video

Here’s a 4m video showing you around the X.G100R in plain gloss black and a pair of motordrome graphics.


Like the original X.G100, the R version looks well put together, has a nice light weight shell and with the addition of the shield (with antifog insert) now works as a much better real world helmet for actual riding. Of course, you’re probably going to buy one because of how it looks, but we all want a helmet that works on the bike too and now there’s the chance to have the best of both worlds.

Crash Helmet Buying Guides

For (hopefully!) other useful information to help you when buying your next helmet, check our various guides - or have a look at our top helmet lists where we've got the top 10 rated helmets overall and best budget/safest/full face/flip-up helmets.

Nexx X.G100R jupiter black white red motorbike helmet rear view
Rear view of the Jupiter in black/white/red graphics

Good Alternatives to the X.G100R?

You can find all our reviews of retro helmets here.

But if you’re after a retro helmet with a shield, there’s the excellent AGV X3000 which is an authentic-looking fiberglass helmet based on Agostini’s old racing helmet and comes with an articulated shield like the Nexx. Prices start where the Nexx leaves off.

Or there’s the Bell Bullet. That costs about the same as the Nexx, is SHARP 3 star safety rated and there’s a range of interesting shields available – including a bubble shield.

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