Review of the Nexx XG100 retro full face motorcycle helmet

The Nexx X.G100: a composite fiber retro full face helmet

The Nexx X.G100 is a proudly retro full face helmet, harking back to the good ole days when every biker had greasy fingers and even greasier biking gear.

Nowadays, most of us take our bikes into the garage to get em fixed and you’re more likely to see snazzy textile jackets and carefully sculpted leather body suits than a greasy jacket. But it’s tempting to look back on those days with affection and kitting yourself out with a retro helmet is just one more way to relive those halcyon hipster days.

The XG100 might look very retro, but some of the tech is anything but. It’s got a hi-tech carbon/aramid composite shell that’s super light weight and it ticks all the relevant statutory boxes such as DOT and ECE.

But what do Nexx XG100 owners think of their retro crash hats?


The Nexx XG100 is a retro-looker, and that’s why most folks are gonna buy one.

Muddy Hog in blue with sun peak attached

And because it’s based on the look of helmets in the 70’s, that’s probably how you should go into buying one. Don’t expect it to work amazingly well in comparison to today’s helmets because it’s a pretty faithful re-imagining of yesterday’s helmets, warts and all.

But if you go into buying an XG100 expecting leaks and draughts and a hot head – the whole retro biking experience – then you’ll probably not be disappointed. Buy one and expect all the sophistication and utility you get from a modern helmet, and you’ll likely be left with a sad face.

So, most owners understand that it’s a bit compromised and if you’re OK to fiddle about with goggles and elasticated shields and to have a bit more wind on your face than you’d like – but can revel in the 70’s coolness the XG100 brings, then it’ll be worth all you paid for it and more.

Just maybe, have a backup modern helmet somewhere around the house too eh?

Retro helmet with even retro-er design – the Nexx XG100 Devon
  • Composite aramid/organic fiber/carbon/fiberglass shell
  • DOT and ECE certified
  • Not Snell or SHARP tested
  • 2 shell sizes
  • Double D-ring fastener
  • Sizes S-XL
  • 2 year warranty
  • 2.65lbs (1.2Kg) very light
  • $360-$420 depending on design

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The Nexx X.G100 is both DOT and ECE 22.05 certified  and which means it meets a certain minimum safety and performance standard. Click the links for details.

It hasn’t been either SHARP or Snell safety tested though so that’s about as far as we can go to see if they’re safe or not. Except we can say that SHARP has tested three Nexx helmets over the years – with the last one being the Nexx XR2 in 2016 – and all three have scored 3/5 stars. That includes carbon and composite helmets too. So I guess we could perhaps expect something similar?

This one’s the Nexx XG100 Bad Loser

Other than having a nice smooth and round shell (always preferable in safety terms) that’s light weight (reduced inertia in an accident) and a good ole double-d ring fastener (safe as houses if you do em up diligently), there’s not many other safety features going.

Helmet Noise

Interestingly, even though the X.G100 is a retro helmet, that nice round shape, lack of vents and protruberences and some nice soft padding that covers the ears – the few owners’ comments on helmet noise points to the Nexx being a reasonably quiet helmet.

As always, helmet noise is subjective and dependent on things like your riding style, type of bike, speed you ride, previous helmet noise etc. etc. so take this assessment with a pinch of salt: everyone’s perception of a quiet helmet is slightly different.

Tokko black, white, red design – showing small ventilation slit


You can see the ventilation on the XG100 from the photos – or lack of it. There’s a single vertical slit in the chin guard, and that’s it!

Or rather, that’s all the ‘official’ ventilation, though of course if you’re riding with goggles, you’ll get lots more ventilation through the eye port. Even if you’re riding with the elastic shield, reports are you’ll still get some air in around it.

But as for scalp ventilation, you’ll not find much. And if you’re riding in hot weather for any length of time, owners reckon it can get a bit hot in there. But I guess that’s all part of the old-time riding experience right?

As for the chin vent, that’s covered by mesh to stop the bigger airborne nasties getting through and apparently it offers decent venting too, letting in a reasonable amount of air around the mouth area. It also directs some air onto the back of the shield if you’ve got one fitted, but it’s not going to be enough to stop it fogging.

Matt black XG100 Purist with smoked goggles fitted

Shield & Peak

The Nexx XG100 does accommodate a shield and in fact comes with a 60% smoked shield in the box.

That shield’s unlike any shield you may have experienced in the past though. It’s a soft plastic shield that snaps onto the helmet on either side of the eye port and pulls tightish to the eye gasket.

Accounts are that the shield works OK but it’s not tight enough to stop all the rain getting in if it tips it down and it does leak air a bit (but hey, it is the 1970s, what do you expect – Dennis Hopper wouldn’t have moaned!).

Purist white version with black sun peak

You can push the shield up a bit to crack it and stop fogging – or push it up to the bottom of the brow studs for a bit more ventilation still. You can push it up further still but be careful you don’t scratch the shield with the studs – and keep your eyes on the road (or pull over) because it’s not the easy-to-use shield we’re used to these days.

You can of course bin off the shield and use sun glasses or goggles – but it’s not been specifically designed to accommodate either and a few owners reckon the eye port is pretty small.

Because it’s passed both ECE and DOT, that means the shield opening meets minimum requirements, but a couple of users did say it feels a bit restricted in the peripheral vision stakes.

The Nexx X.G100 does come with a sun peak too that fits on the three studs over the brow. It seems to do its job OK, though one owner reckoned it can contribute to lift at speed.

Rear view of the XG100 muddy hog – no vents, spoilers, nothing!

Comfort & Sizing

Despite being a retro helmet, the XG100 does have reasonably modern internals that are wicking and are anti-allergenic. It’s removable and washable too, though it’s attached to the helmet by velcro (so might be tricky to put back in in exactly the right place).

It is produced in two shell sizes and fitment sizes run from XS-XXL – and word is that it fits pretty true – check our fitment guide if you’re not sure what size helmet you take.

As mentioned, there’s no glasses groove in the XG but some people do use shades and glasses with it sounds like it’s not too much of a problem.

There’s no ear pockets though so it’s not ideal if you’re wanting to fit a communicator. But then the XG100 is a retro helmet so, possibly not a massive issue for most?

This one’s the Nexx XG100 Drake. See below for side view

Looks & Graphics

There’s a wealth of graphics available for the Nexx XG100. There’s solid gloss white and matt black – but there’s also a few that are near-plain colors such as the Bolt with its orange stripes and the Devon with a classy yellow piping. There’s also some more way-out designs such as the Muddy Hog and the Bad Loser.

As usual, you’ll find most of the currently available designs dotted around this page – but for the absolute latest designs and prices, click through to our recommended retailer links below where you’ll be dropped on their Nexx helmets pages.

Best places to buy a Nexx X.G100 crash helmet?

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Nexx XG100 Video

Crash Helmet Buying Guides

For (hopefully!) other useful information to help you when buying your next helmet, check our various guides - or have a look at our top helmet lists where we've got the top 10 rated helmets overall and best budget/safest/full face/flip-up/sportsbike/track helmets.

Other stuff – warranty, build quality

Side view of the Drake

The Nexx X.G100 comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty (many helmets these days come with a 5 year warranty).

That said, many owners said they were pleasantly surprised at the build quality of the XG100 – with colors and finish being vibrant – and the whole thing seems well put together. So hopefully that’ll mean you won’t have cause to put that warranty to the test.

Alternatives to the Nexx XG100

There’s only one real alternative that we’ve come across and that’s the good ole Bell Bullet – another full face retro helmet but that’s a bit more expensive than the Nexx.

Looking to buy a Nexx X.G100?

Please click below to visit the Nexx X.G100 helmets pages at Amazon and one of our recommended stores. And if you buy from either store, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

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review-nexx-xg100-retro-full-face-motorcycle-helmetYou'll buy the XG100 for looks not practicality. Having said that, it has a bang up to date composite fiber shell that's DOT and ECE certified and really lightweight. Ventilation's limited and your shield options are goggles or elasticated retro-shield. But it's pretty quiet, comfortable and able - just don't expect all the latest conveniences you'll get with a modern helmet. Buy it expecting to be blasted back into the 70s - warts and all - and you'll be a happy bunny.


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