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X-Lite is a part of the Nolan Group, an Italian group of brands that produces X-Lite, Nolan and Grex helmets. X-lite’s philosophy is to concentrate on making the safest possible helmets. You’d kinda expect everyone to do this but the SHARP safety test results point to X-Lite being a bit more serious about it than most, with every one of their tested helmets scoring a minimum of four out of five stars for safety. Which is pretty amazing. Note that very few Nolan’s are certified by Snell – with our assumption being Nolan no longer submit helmets for Snell testing (their last certified helmets were under the year 2000 standard).

Notable names who use X-Lite crash helmets? Danillo Petrucci and Chas Davies. Reasonable pedigree that…

In the US, Nolan tends to focus on their Nolan-branded helmets rather than X-Lite so many helmets will not be available in the US. You’ll find links to all our articles and reviews on X-lite crash helmets on this page.