About our recommended stores

Details last updated Mar 2020

We carefully select which stores we recommend to our customers. Each of our recommended stores must add something marvellous to you. They might be a pleasure to buy from; have feedback systems where customers can rate their performance; offer an unrivalled level of choice or lowest prices – or offer great service when things go wrong or we need to return stuff. Or preferably do all of the above!

Below, we’ve listed out why you should choose one of our recommended stores and provided quick links to jump to pages on their websites to find the latest ordering/returns info. Plus you can see at-a-glance some of their key terms and conditions, returns and delivery policies.

Disclosure: as always, should you follow one of our links and buy anything, we get a small % of the sale price at no extra cost to you – the price you see using our links is the same as going to the site directly.

Note: all helmet returns to all stores need to be in as-new condition with tags and stickers attached in original packaging. If they’re not, they won’t accept them back.

US Stores

Note: if you’re looking to order from outside the US, you may find some stores won’t ship certain brands of gear to you due to licensing agreements.


Revzilla  REVZILLA-300PX

Revzilla are based in Philadelphia and, at the time of writing, have an amazing rating of 9.8/10 stars on Reseller Ratings. They offer free shipping on orders over $39.99 to 48 states, have a 30 day no quibble returns policy and offer a pricematch too. That’s a winning combo and well worth a recommendation in anyone’s book!

Delivery - USFree for orders over $39.99 in contiguous USClick here for latest delivery details at Revzilla
Delivery - RoWCosts vary. Eg most of Europe $45 flat rate for helmets. See link rightLatest delivery info.
Returns - US30 day no quibble excl shipping costLatest returns info.
Returns - RoW30 day no quibble excl shipping costLatest returns info.
Exchanges As aboveLatest exchange info.
Key Info.Returned helmets must be in 'as new' condition with box and tags intact.Latest info.
3rd Party reviewsReseller Ratings ReviewSee here for latest Reseller Ratings Review.


2 Wheel 2Wheel-Logo-200x36

Based in California, 2 Wheel ship all helmets over $75 for free (most states). They ship from over 100 warehouses across the US and aim to get your order to your door in 3 days or less. They have a best price guarantee too and if your helmet doesn’t fit, return it within 30 days and they’ll pay for return shipping. The only fly in the ointment is that their independent online ratings from google shopping and reseller ratings seem to have disappeared (they were scoring 4.8/5 last time we looked) – replaced by a link to the Better Business Bureau and ratings embedded on their own website (see links below) which never feels as good as truly independent online ratings, right?

Delivery - USFree shipping and no sales tax for orders over $49 to contiguous USClick here for full shipping and delivery details
Delivery - RoW2 Wheel don't ship internationallyRead more on their FAQ page
Returns - USMost items 30 day no quibble returns paid for by 2WheelRead 2 Wheel's return policy
Returns - RoWN/A - no international shipping/returnsRead more on their FAQ page
Exchanges Return item for refund then re-buy correct item.Read 2 Wheel's return policy
Key Info.Returned helmets must be in 'as new' condition with box and tags intact.Info on their returns page
3rd Party reviewsHmm - seems their independent online reviews have disappeared. We'll keep this under review.Here's 2Wheel's review page and here's their entry at the BetterBusinessBureau.


BTO Sports BTOSports

BTO Sports have been based in California since 1999 and specialise mostly in dirt bike gear, though they’ve since moved into street and adventure cycle wear too. They get great online ratings (see below) and will deliver for free on orders over $85. If you need to exchange gear that doesn’t fit, they’ll pay for the return shipping on first order and give you 45 days to return it. Free return shipping also applies to your first return/refund item (yay!). Also they ship mostly from CA so it can take up to 3 days for East coast land delivery. They get great online reviews too – check the table below for links to see their latest score at Shopper Approved).

Note, if you click from our site to BTO, you drop onto an affiliate marketing permissions page first. Don’t worry, it’s OK (it’s a company called Avantlink who handles the affiliate tracking).

Delivery - USFree shipping to contiguous USClick here for latest US shipping info at BTOSports
Delivery - RoWVariable rates usually between $20-$40 - click right for more infoRead more about international shipping
Returns - US45 day no quibble returns - 1st item returned freeRead BTOSports' return policy
Returns - RoW45 day no quibble returns - buyer pays shippingRead BTOSports' return policy
Exchanges Free gear exchange and shipping if it doesn't fitRead BTOSports' exchange policy
Key Info.Returned helmets must be in 'as new' condition with box and tags intact.You can find their FAQ here.
3rd Party reviewsShopper Approved ReviewsSee here for Shopper Approved reviews.


Amazon amazon logo

Most of us love shopping at Amazon, so we link into some helmet suppliers there too. On Amazon, you get loads of different stores and sellers offering helmets and gear for sale so make sure you check out their ratings before you buy and only buy from the most reputable sellers. Doing that’ll help you avoid buying non-genuine helmets too.

European Stores

When a helmet’s not available from our partner US stores, we’ll sometimes direct you to our European recommended retailers instead. Again, if you buy anything from those stores, we’ll get a small % of the transaction at no extra cost to you. Having said that, if you do buy from Europe, please bear in mind there will be an extra shipping cost to pay, it’ll usually take longer to get your helmet to you and you may well have to pay import taxes when it enters the US.

Note also, European helmets won’t be DOT labelled which means that while they’ll conform to the (often more stringent) European ECE 22.05 approval (which actually requires mandatory testing of all helmets before they go on sale, unlike in the DOT standard) – they’re not legal to be used in mandatory helmet states in the US or anywhere else that doesn’t use ECE certification.



SBS are based near Boston, Lincolnshire, UK, hold stock for a massive range of helmets (and other gear) and are known for managing the online store for long-running UK motorcycle paper, MotorCycleNews. You can read their TrustPilot reviews here where, at the time of writing, they score an incredible 4.9/5. After ordering, your helmet is usually dispatched either that day or the next.

Here are some details of the service they provide:

Delivery - USACalculated at the basket before checkout. Typically around $50 for a single helmet.Read their FAQ here.
Delivery -
Calculated at the basket before checkout. Typical prices: Canada CA$70, Australia A$70, Europe £freeRead their FAQ here.
Returns - EU, USA, RoW365 day returns, returned at your expenseMore Info.
Key Info.Returned helmets must be in 'as new' condition with box and tags intact.More info.
3rd Party reviewsTrustpilotSee here for latest score.


Motoin motoin logo

Motoin are a German motorcycle gear store that’s been trading since 2007. They have very good independent review scores (see the links below for their latest scores) and take all major payment methods including PayPal. Their helmets are shipped worldwide by either DHL or UPS and you can find lots of information about their ordering, returns and shipping processes/costs below:

Delivery - USATypically around $22.Click here for latest info. at Motoin.
Delivery -
Calculated at the basket before checkout. Typical prices: Canada C$31 , Australia A$33, Europe €8 to most countries.Click here for latest info. at Motoin.
Returns - USA & RoW100 days no quibble from receipt of goods. Buyer pays for carriage (free inside Germany).Click here for latest info. at Motoin.
Key Info.Returned helmets must be in 'as new' condition with box and tags intact.Click here for terms and conditions. at Motoin.
3rd Party reviewseTrustedshops. Click link for latest score.Click for eTrustedshops.