AGV Numo Evo ST: one of the safest modular helmets around?


Review of the AGV Numo Evo ST modular helmet.

AGV is a name that’s synonimous with safety. If you don’t have time to shop around but want a safe helmet for your motorcycle, then you can pretty well always trust an AGV.

We’ll bang on a bit more about protection in the Safety section below. But for the meantime, the AGV Numo Evo ST (also known as the AGV Compact ST in the EU/UK) is AGVs latest flip-up helmet.

It’s a thermoplastic helmet, and is a slight update on their old AGV Numo Evo helmet. That means it’s at the budget end of the market, designed for general urban/touring riding but with a slightly improved interior and a few tweaks here and there over the old helmet.

But because it’s a lower priced all-rounder, that’s not to say it won’t perform. The ECE version scored an excellent SHARP safety rating along with some useful features such as  drop down sun visor. Meaning it could well be worth considering if you’re looking for a new modular helmet that’s not going to put a massive dent in your monthly beer money.

So read on dear friend to find out more about the AGV Numo Evo ST.

  • SHARP 4 Star safety rated
  • Dual Homologated chin guard (ECE)
  • Thermoplastic shell
  • Drop down sun visor
  • 100% tested chin guard
  • Micrometric fastener
  • 3.9lbs (1.8Kg) heavy for a modular
  • Sizes XS-XXL
  • Expect to pay $299-$350

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(more about helmet safety)

OK, straight to it. The AGV Numo Evo ST has the full range of safety ratings you’ll be looking for on a helmet.

That means it’s DOT certified (ECE approved if you buy one in Europe or Oz) – and over there it’s P/J homologated, meaning it’s been designed to be safe and legal to ride with the chin bar up (not all flip-front helmets are).

The ECE version has also been safety tested by SHARP and – just like the old AGV Numo Evo – it scored a hefty 4/5 stars, with the chin bar staying locked and closed 100% of the times throughout testing.

AGV Numo Evo ST Portland helmet front view
Classy Numo Evo ST Portland.

That last score is pretty rare for a flip-front helmet and just what you’ll be looking for when you buy any modular helmet. You need to trust that chin bar’s gonna stay put if you hit the tarmac and SHARPs test means you can be confident it will on the Numo Evo ST.

OK, given it’s scored so well in various safety tests, there’s probably not much more point in mentioning it’s only produced in one shell size (not a great feature) because the bottom line is it’s been shown repeatedly in the lab that it’s up there with the best of em.

But there are also some features that you should be looking for in your helmet to keep you out of trouble in the first place. And in the case of the Numo Evo ST it’s got:

AGV compact ST 8ms SHARP test results
Image/test copyright – UK version of AGV Numo Evo ST @ 8.5m/s
  • Fastener – a micrometric fastener that’s safe and mega easy to use (but see D-ring below).
  • Dual homologated – meaning it’s been designed to be safe riding with the chin bar up.
  • Sun visor – great for stopping dazzling when the sun’s in your eyes.

Safety features you might want that’re missing on the Numo Evo ST.

  • EQRS – or emergency quick release system. That’s a way for medics to more easily remove your helmet after an accident.
  • 5 Star safety rating – these are few and far between but buying a helmet with a max rating kinda makes sense (though the Numo Evo ST is still very good in this respect).
  • Double D ring fastener – the good thing about D rings is that you have to adjust them every time. That’s great if you’re the kind of person who tightens it up diligently every time. Not so great if you’re not.

As you can see by SHARPs 8.5m/s test result graphic above, the ST was slightly less effective absorbing shocks on either side. But still, overall it’s an excellent score.


(more about helmet ventilation)

Like the old Numo Evo, the Numo Evo ST uses what AGV calls its Integrated Ventilation System or IVS.

AGV Numo Evo ST Seattle red whte blue helmet front view
Front view of the Numo Evo ST In Seattle graphics showing front air vents

In the case of the Numo Evo ST, that’s a dual chin vent operated by a single slider and two separate forehead vents which are independently controlled by separate sliders.

These feed air through the helmet shell, into channels inside the helmet EPS shock absorbing liner and through to your scalp.

AGV hasn’t said there’s any change to the system from the old helmet where it worked really well to both cool the head and demist the shield so there shouldn’t be any problems with the Numo Evo ST.

But note, the shields on pretty well all helmets need a helping hand to keep fog free when it’s cold/rainy or humid, so it’s a shame the Numo Evo doesn’t come with an antifog system like Pinlock (the shield’s not Pinlock-ready either).


(more about shields)

The shield on the AGV Numo Evo ST is a quick release shield with a shield opening tab conveniently placed bottom left.

AGV Numo Evo ST Mono matt grey helmet side view
Plain matt grey AGV Numo Evo ST Mono

It’s a nice and wide shield too to maximize peripheral vision, which is just what you need when riding in town. Plus the quick change shield is really convenient so you can quickly whip it off to clean it in the sink after a ride.

Unless you ride somewhere that’s perma-hot or you’re strictly a summer-only rider, you’re going to want to fit a decent anti-fog solution to your shield.

Unfortunately, the Numo Evo ST no longer comes with a Pinlock-ready shield (as shown in our photos) so you’ll get just a plain, clear shield in the box, though Pinlock shields and inserts are available separately.

Sun Visor

(more about sun visors)

The sun visor on the AGV Numo Evo ST is pretty much the same as on the old Numo Evo.

AGV Numo Vermont in white/black/red

That means it’s operated by a lever on the left hand side of the helmet, drops down nice and low and cuts out quite a bit of direct sunlight. Integrated sun visors legally can’t be too dark so as to obscure vision but they’re good for keeping you safe and comfortable in all but the most dazzling sun.

Chin Guard

(more about chin guards)

Expect the chin guard on the AGV Numo Evo ST to give you pretty well all the functionality you need from a flip-up helmet except for maybe the ability to flip the chin guard right over to the back of the helmet like the Shark Evo-One 2, Roof Desmo or LS2 Valiant.

The Numo Evo ST is pretty conventional in that respect, with the chin bar raising up to form a peak at the front of the helmet. But it is single-button operated for ease of use, and the locking mechanism includes metal clasp for extra strength to help keep it closed during an impact.

AGV Numo Evo ST gloss black modular helmt rear viewIt’s also got a chin bar lock so you can lock it open when raised and there’s no possibility of it dropping down when you really don’t want it to – like when you emergency stop.

In fact, it’s seemingly so safe that during every one of SHARPs 32 impact tests on the ECE version of the Numo Evo ST, the chin guard stayed locked and closed.

That’s something only a handful of modular helmets can boast – and should give you a good level of confidence that it’ll stay closed and protecting your face if you ever need it to.

Comfort and Sizing

(more about comfort and sizing)

There’s a washable/removable lining inside the Numo Evo ST – using a material called Shalimar for most of it but with Ritmo fabric for the cheek pads – see our guide to helmet materials for more info.

The inside of the Numo Evo ST is one of the major changes over the old helmet. And since owners found the old helmet comfortable, hopefully the new ST version will be more comfortable still.

The fabrics inside are moisture wicking and treated with antibac so should keep things reasonably box-fresh for a while. But when things need a bit of a refresh, you can pull it all out and machine or hand wash it to freshen it up again.

AGV Numo Evo vermont helmet side view
Another Vermont – this time in black and hi viz

The Numo Evo ST is designed to suit medium oval head shapes. That’s most of us… so follow our fitting guide and order the correct size.

Looks & Graphics

The Numo Evo ST looks similar to most of AGVs current range of sportsbike helmets. With that pointy ‘hawks bill’ chin bar, they’re designed to cut through the air and give stability at speed – as well as look pretty cool.

But the ST isn’t a sportsbike helmet so you’ll find the graphics are a bit more conservative than your typical race-rep. There’s the Mono range which are the solid black/white versions – along with an unusual Mono mid grey version.

The Vermont graphics come in hi vis yellow, black or white; the Boston in Blue/white and black/grey; and the Seattle in Black/grey with red or yellow highlights or a blue white.

Actually, there’s so many variants, we can only give you a taster on this page. So feel free to click your way through to our recommended stores below where you’ll find a much wider selection of designs.

Best place to buy this AGV crash helmet?

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AGV Numo Evo ST Video

Here’s a decent 4m look around the Numo Evo ST Portland.

Other stuff – fasteners, weight, aero, warranty

Modular helmets tend to be heavier than full face helmets – I guess because there’s a load of extra mechanism needed in there to articulate that chin guard. But the AGV Numo Evo ST is heavier than most because it’s got all that mechanism plus it’s made from thermoplastic, which tends to be a bit heavier than most other helmet materials.

agv numo evo st in matt black side view chin bar up
Matt black’s always a popular option

It weighs around 3.9lbs or 1.8Kg – which probably won’t be a problem for most people but it is one of the heavier helmets, if you’re after something light.

Aero and buffeting usually isn’t a problem with the latest AGV designs and the Numo Evo ST should be stable.

AGV helmets come with a 2 year warranty.


The AGV Numo Evo range is a tried-and-tested range of modular helmets and this new ST version has an updated interior lining along with a range of other features that might well put it at the top of your list if you’re looking for a cheaper flip-up helmet.

That includes a very good SHARP 4 star safety rating along with a 100% rating on the chin bar locking mechanism.

It’s also got a useful drop down sun visor, plus it’s got that all-important AGV badge and helmet design that means the helmet will be well built and really look the part because it shares its DNA with the top of the range sportsbike lids used by Valentino Rossi on the MotoGP grid.

The old helmet was highly rated, only dropping big points for being noisy. So expect this uprated Numo Evo ST to be similarly well received. It should be a great helmet for not very much money.

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Good Alternatives to the AGV Numo Evo ST?

There’s some great modular helmets out there. Here’s a bunch which are all highly rated for safety as well as being great helmets.

HJC IS-Max II in fluorescent green

HJCs IS-Max II is a favourite. It’s cheaper than the Numo Evo, it’s slightly lighter, scored 4 SHARP stars for safety and has a sun visor too.

Evo-One 2 Slasher with chin guard fully rotated

In fact, both the IS-Max II and the Shark Evo-One 2 are 4 star safety rated and scored 100% for chin guard too. The Shark has a sun visor and comes with a Pinlock in the box too – and it’s the type of modular where the chin bar rotates to the back of the helmet, if that’s the sort you’re looking for.

Hi vis Sport Modular

AGVs Sport Modular is a cracker too. It has a sun visor, Pinlock in the box, it’s 4 star safety rated too and is designed to work best on sportsbikes – hence the name. It’s light too (as light as many full face helmets) plus has an optically correct shield- though that all comes at a much higher price.

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  1. It appears that the US version does not even have a pinlock ready face shield, let alone a pinlock insert.
    Per Revzilla: “Note: Face shield included does not have Pinlock lens pins.”

    • Many thanks for the heads-up Matt. Looks like AGV has dropped the Pinlock pins from the Numo Evo. Shame. I’ve updated the review to cover this off.


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