AGV Numo EVO flip-up crash helmet review (AGV Compact in EU)


AGV’s top of the range flip-up crash helmet – the AGV Numo EVO (Compact in EU)

The AGV Numo EVO is designed for typical road riders – urban riders and touring types who don’t spend hours in a sportsbike tuck position. There are some great modular crash helmets out there, so the competition’s hot. But the Numo EVO looks like it has a few tricks up its sleeve including a good SHARP safety rating along with a 100% locking chin guard (see safety section below) which not all modulars can manage.


The AGV Numo EVO is a great helmet with some really useful features, including sun visor and lockable chin guard. It’s well rated for safety (SHARP 4 star tested), looks good and is comfortable, well ventilated – and owners love it. The only thing they don’t love so much is the noise, but then that’s a bit of a problem with most modular helmets.

Stick in some quality ear plugs and you’ll get a practical helmet at a very competitive price.

  • 3.9Lbs/1.78Kg (slightly heavier than average)
  • Not Snell certified
  • SHARP 4 star safety rated
  • Sizes XS – XL
  • Comfortable and well-ventilated
  • Noisy

    Numo EVO Course black/white/red
  • Integral sun visor
  • Expect to pay between $299-$340

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There’s two big ticks in the AGV Numo EVO’s box when it comes to safety. First, even though it hasn’t been Snell tested, it did score a very respectable 4/5 stars in the SHARP crash helmets safety test. It’s not a maximum score (see here for crash helmets that scored 5 stars) but it’s very good and means that you can probably rely on the Numo EVO to do its job in most accidents.

Thing is, when they test modular helmets, there’s a chance the chin guard will flip open under impact – and many do (see our guide to crash helmet safety for analysis on this and more).

However, the Numo EVO’s locking mechanism is very well constructed – so much so it remained locked in 100% of the tests. Which is obviously very good and a real comfort to know if you buy a flip-up helmet. Great work AGV.

The AGV Numo EVO is also dual homologated. That means, unlike some modulars, it’s been ECE 22.05 tested and approved for use on the road whether you’re riding with it in either full-face or open-face configuration. Also on the Numo EVO, you can lock the chin guard in the open position using a lever on the right hand side of the helmet. This should help with safety if you come off with the chin guard up, meaning it doesn’t flap around. It’s also useful because you can ride around quite happily all day with the Numo EVO operating as an open faced helmet and knowing the chin guard won’t drop down.

Front view of the AGV Numo EVO in matt black Audax design

Shell & sizing

The AGV Numo EVO has a thermoplastic shell that’s manufactured in just one shell size.

Thermoplastic shells can be great performers, though they can be prone to a little more degradation over time than more expensive fiberglass and composite helmets for example.

More expensive helmets are often constructed with multiple shell sizes (corresponding to different internal fitment sizes). However, the AGV Numo EVO has just one shell size to cover all fitment sizes.

This is achieved through under-padding the helmet for larger fitments (probably L and XL) or over-padding for smaller sizes (such as XS and S). We’ve discussed the potential effects of fewer shell sizes here, and one or two owners have remarked that the helmet liner feels very thin. They’re probably referring to larger sizes because AGV may thin out the liner in these larger sizes so they can accommodate a larger head size – it’s something worth being aware of if you’re looking to buy a Numo EVO in a larger size.

Helmet Noise

Numo EVO with chin guard raised showing integral UV sun visor

Noise is one area that lets down the AGV Numo EVO.

Most modulars are somewhat compromised in this area – being generally quite a bit louder than full face lids. However the Numo EVO is slightly noisier than the average flip-up, meaning, you’ll have to wear ear plugs (most of us do anyhow) and don’t expect your in-helmet communicators/ bluetooth to not be much good above 60-70 MPH.

If having a quiet helmet is important to you, check out our quietest helmets section.


The AGV Numo EVO has what AGV calls its IVS or Integrated Ventilation System. In truth, it’s the same system adopted by pretty well all the helmets we review – namely lots of front vents routing air around the scalp and exiting through rear exhaust vents.

It works well on the Numo EVO too. There’s one chin and two forehead vents, both easily closeable with gloved hands via simple switches. There are three rear exhaust vents – one at each side and another in at the bottom/rear of the helmet. Again, these work well, with the top ones ducting plenty of air around the scalp and the chin vent pushing plenty across the visor and across the face when required – so no problems reported here.


There’s a nice, wide, clear main shield and an integral drop down sun visor operated by a slider on the left hand side of the helmet.

The main shield is anti-fog coated and owners report it has a nice wide opening giving good peripheral vision.

The sun visor is also anti-fog coated and drops down nice and low (not all do) and doesn’t interfere with glasses. So AGV have covered all the basics well.

Numo EVO Course white/blue showing chin guard locking lever.

Chin Guard

The chin guard opens by way of a small red button in the bottom centre of the guard. It also has a lever on the right hand side of the helmet that allows you to lock the chin bar in place – and it’s been designed to remain pretty aerodynamic with the chin bar locked open to reduce wind resistance on the move. This is a very useful feature for a number owners who say it works very well.

As mentioned in the Safety section, the locking mechanism on the Numo EVO’s chin bar is very good and resulted in it staying locked 100% of the times during SHARP’s safety testing – outstanding.


There’s no problem with comfort on the Numo EVO.

As always, it’s important to ensure you buy a helmet that fits correctly in the first place. Provided you’ve got all the basics right, then owners say the Numo EVO is very comfortable.

It has a fully removable and washable lining constructed of breathable Lycra. It also has antibacterial-treated dual-density moisture-wicking cheek pads – all making for a helmet that can be worn all day without discomfort.

Pure gloss white version showing sun visor switch
Pure gloss white version showing sun visor switch

Looks & Graphics

As the name suggests, the Numo EVO masks the fact that it’s a modular helmet pretty well – looking more like a standard full-face helmet than a flip-up. It’s also very sleek and modern-looking, mirroring many of the latest gen AGV helmets that are all very pointy with that distinctive raptor bill front.

The graphic options are relatively understated. The usual plain color options are available (whites/blacks) as well as a bright fluorescent ‘Fluo Yellow’ version (top picture) which isn’t that dissimilar from the other bright yellow Audax design (bottom). There’s also the Numo EVO Course range of colors – again there’s a bright yellow option for this, as well as variants which are almost identical apart from Blue/Red/Grey detailing.

As usual, you can see most of the colors and designs across this review – but for the latest reviews and prices, you can always click through to our featured retailers using the link towards the bottom of the page.

Best place to buy this AGV crash helmet?

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Here’s a short video where a guy from AGV takes you through the main features of the Numo EVO.

Other stuff – fasteners, audio, weight, glasses

AGV Numo EVO in Audax fluo yellow paint

The Numo EVO has a micro metric fastener. They’re easy to use and secure.

It is slightly above average weight for a modular helmet, but about average for a thermoplastic modular. Most owners say the weight’s fine for all but the longest days in the saddle.

If you’re a glasses wearer, you should be OK with the Numo EVO – flip-ups make it really easy to put your glasses on/off – and the drop down sun visor is far enough away to not interfere.

Finally, the Numo EVO has been designed for use with AGV’s SHARE communicator and has speaker pockets cut into the liner of the helmet. Owners of other systems, including Sena, have said that it fits their speakers no problem.

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Best place to buy this AGV crash helmet?

Please click below to visit the AGV helmets pages at our recommended stores. And if you buy from any store, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you - a massive THANKS! (it's how we finance the site).

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