The Shoei JO fiberglass open face helmet

Shoei-JO crash helmet
Shoei JO Hawker TC1 design

The J-O is Shoei’s latest open faced helmet.

It’s a very retro open faced helmet with an integral drop down shield, very much designed for folks with old bikes or slow bikes – or indeed those of us who are both old and slow and like taking our time over the ride and doing a bit of posing on the way. And hell, why not.

Shoei JO launch designs. Click to enlarge.

The shell is constructed in the same way many of Shoei’s full face helmets are – namely using their Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM) technology which is essentially a load of different layers of fiberglass. They’re the same fibers used in the likes of the Neotech and the X-Twelve and since they both scored four and five out of five (respectively) in their SHARP safety tests, we can’t see any reason why the Shoei JO’s helmet shell shouldn’t be similarly well constructed and tough.

Which is not to say it’s going to offer anything like the same protection of course – being open face and all. But if you’re in the market for one of these lids, presumably you know they risks your taking.

At the time of typing, there are nine lovely designs plus three different shields (clear, smoked and yellow).

Below, you can find Shoei’s launch video. For the avoidance of doubt, it’s not essential to be permanently stuck in the 1950s to buy one – but it probably helps!



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