Speed and Strength SS5100: sporty-looking composite fibre full face helmet.


Speed and Strength SS5100 Helmet review: all you need to know.

The SS5100 is Speed and Strength’s top of the range, racing-inspired full face helmet.

It’s a tri-composite shelled lid with a dual-density anti-shock liner inside. But while it’s the top of their range and with its prominent rear spoiler, it looks a bit like a sportsbike helmet, don’t be fooled. It’s more of an all-rounder helmet for folks who like their helmets to have the more aggressive look of a racing helmet.

S&S says it offers higher quality, more comfort and lighter weight along with that cool and modern look.

So if that appeals, read on to find out everything there is to know about the Speed and Strength SS5100…

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You can see the SS5100’s sporting style best from the side

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The SS5100 has a reasonably trick composite fiber shell and covers all the basics that you’ll want in a full face pretty well.

There’s a ton of vent holes, optically correct face shield and comfy interior. It’s also a stylish design with an anti-fog coated shield and removable, washable lining.

At this price point there’s a huge amount of competition out there – and from some of the big boys who’ve been in this game for years (see Alternatives section at the bottom).

But if you like the SS5100’s style and don’t need anything too fancy from your full face helmet, then go for it. Otherwise, shop around. We reckon you can get more bang for your buck.


 (more about helmet safety)

Speed and Strength now make all their helmets to be DOT and ECE (Europe) compliant.

Obviously, that means it should give a decent level of protection – and that ECE certification means it’s had to undergo and pass a series of carefully monitored lab-based impact tests (FYI DOT helmets don’t have to undergo mandatory type-approval testing before they’re put on sale).

Rear of the SS5100 Fast Life graphic

So stuff like decent levels of impact attenuation, a good solid fastener and the like should all be guaranteed.

To meet the standards, Speed and Strength has created a tri composite helmet shell comprised of Carbon fiber, fiberglass and, erm, Nylon (!) That’s the first time we’ve heard of nylon being a construction component in a motorcycle helmet but SS don’t provide any information on quite how it’s used.

Still, they’ve also added in their dual-density EPS polystyrene liner to control impact energy – multidensity is what you want in a helmet to manage both larger and smaller impacts in a controlled manner.

Having said that, some makers offer slip-plane internals to manage rotation forces (including some Bell helmets and the 6D ATS 1) and others produce tri-density liners (like several Arais and Shoeis).

The Speed and Strength SS5100 is made in two helmet shell sizes, which is an OK number but not leading edge. The more helmet shells a helmet’s made in, the more the overall helmet it tailored to your head and body size, and the more optimal it is for impact protection. For example Bell makes some of their Star helmets available in 5 helmet shells.

Just saying Speed and Strength!

Speed and Strength does sell the SS5100 with an optically correct face shield to minimize distortion, and it’s anti-fog coated to keep things clear when it’s cold or humid.

It’s all held on your head with a double-d ring fastener which is fine as long as you’re careful to make sure it’s fastened nice and tight every ride.

Check out the vents on that! Note the brow vent and push-up crown vent on the solid black SS5100

So, the SS5100 has many of the basic safety features you’re looking for on a full face helmet. It’s maybe missing some like EQRS or a sun visor – and its safety levels haven’t been independently verified by someone like Snell or SHARP.

But composite fiber helmets do tend to score a little higher for safety than plastic or fiberglass, and they tend to be a little lighter, which is good for impact management.


(more about helmet ventilation)

Speed and Strength has covered the SS5100 with air vents.

In addition to the usual chin and crown vents, there’s a pair of brow vents just above the visor too.

Both the top vent and the brow vents pass air through the helmet shell and into venting channels moulded into the internal anti-shock liner.

Those channels are pretty deep and comprehensive and move air through the helmet to the rear exhaust vents.

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The top vent is unusual in that it’s got a spring-loaded panel. Push it down and it springs open, push it again and it closes.

It’s nice and big so you shouldn’t have a problem to find it in gloves, and it’s simple to use. On the other hand, the brow vents are really tiny sliders that will be pretty tricky to find and use when you’re on the move.

SS5100 in Revolt graphics. See other angles below.

The chin vent has as large sliding panel to open/close it – that’s easy to find and use and directs air onto the back of the face shield.

Speed and Strength has made quite an effort to make the SS5100 a great venting helmet and early info is that they’ve succeeded.


(more about shields)

The face shield on the SS5100 is antifog, antiscratch (obv) and quick release. And it has a locking lever on the left so if you like to lock your shield shut when you’re riding, you’re sorted.

If your shield’s closed, you can also use that lever to crack open the shield a little for a bit of ventilation or antifogging. Nice touch.

Speed and Strength have included a pair of opening tabs on the bottom of the shield with the SS5100. More makers should do that as it’s useful for opening your shield, not just on the move but also with your right hand when you’re stopped and keeping the clutch pulled in.

Other than that, the shield system on the SS5100 does everything you really need – quick release to make it easy to clean after a ride, or to swap it out with an optional iridium or smoke shield.

Here’s the side view of the Revolt. All SS5100s come with a clear shield.

Plus, the stock shield is also optically correct, which is not something that’s really essential as most shields are pretty good in this respect – but it’s a nice extra to have.

All polycarbonate face shields offer good UV protection; it’s the nature of the material. SS says their shield gives over 90% of UV protection which is about the minimum you’d expect – and some makers rate their shields at 99% (like the one on HJC’s i90 street helmet).

Comfort and Sizing

(more about comfort and sizing)

Inside the SS5100 is a suede-effect CoolMax liner that’s designed to wick sweat away from your head, hence the ‘cool’ bit in CoolMax; because the net effect is that your head will feel cooler.

It’s also antimicrobial and removable and washable – so you’ve no excuse to ride with a stinky helmet!

Word is that it’s a slightly longer than medium oval helmet. Shouldn’t be a problem for most riders although if you want to fit pretty deep speakers and you usually fit a medium oval helmet, you might find they’re a bit tight in there.

There are a pair of generous speaker pockets inside though, and the SS5100 comes with a novel pair of removable chin curtains (help to reduce wind getting inside the helmet) and a breath deflector.

It’s sold in sizes XS – XXL.

Looks & Graphics

If retro hipster is your thing, the Fast Life’s the SS5100 to go for

At the time of writing, the SS5100 is available in just three graphics. There’s a solid matt black plus the Revolt and Fast Life helmets – both with a hint of retro about their designs.

You’ll examples of all these up and down the page, but to find more pictures as well as find more graphics that might’ve been released – along with the latest prices – please click through to our partner stores below. They’ve all been chosen because they have excellent online ratings and offer great customer service.

Best place to buy a Speed and Strength SS5100

Please click below to visit the Speed and Strength helmets pages at our recommended stores - all checked for great online ratings. And if you buy from any store, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you - a massive THANKS! (it's how we finance the site).

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Speed and Strength SS5100 Video

Here’s a 2.5m video looking around the Fast Life graphics SS5100.

Other stuff – warranty

All Speed and Strength helmets come with a bare bones 1 year warranty.

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Good Alternatives to the SS5100

There’s a ton of great full face helmets out there that are proven performers.

Scorpion’s ST1400 costs around the same as the SS5100 – it’s light weight, has a drop down sun visor with 5 year warranty and comes with a tried and tested Pinlock antifog insert in the box.

Solid Black SS5100 from another angle

If you’re after a lid that stands out, Simpson’s Ghost Bandit looks cool, has a trick composite or carbon shell, sun visor and it’s pretty light weight.

On a tight budget? The Scorpion R420 is a low priced Snell certified polycarbonate full face with EQRS.

And finally, you can get the fantastic Shoei RF-SR AIM+ shelled helmet for the same money as the SS. It’s also got EQRS, is Snell certified and comes with a Pinlock. Now that’s good value.

Looking to buy a Speed & Strength SS5100?

Please click below to visit the Speed and Strength helmets pages at our recommended stores - all checked for great online ratings. And if you buy from any store, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you - a massive THANKS! (it's how we finance the site).

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