Sena Momentum Lite Pro INC Evo and INC Pro Helmet Review


Review of the Sena Momentum Lite, Pro, INC, INC Pro and Evo bluetooth Helmets.

South Korean bluetooth specialists, Sena, are best known by us lot for their motorcycle bluetooth headsets. And since they make a ton of different sets for motorcycles, I guess it was a natural evolution for them to start selling Sena kits already integrated into their own branded helmets.

There’s a good deal of online speculation about exactly who makes the helmets for Sena. My money’s on HJC given they’re another Korean brand who manufacture down the road. But I’ve also read that a Malaysian company called MHR might make them – no I’d not heard of them either.

The Sena Momentum INC Pro (the one with the noise cancelling and video camera).

Either way, Sena’s keeping quiet.

I don’t suppose it matters massively who makes them as long as they conform to standards and perform well. And it certainly makes sense for Sena to get into the helmet business to make sure their bluetooth tech is thoroughly and well integrated.

I guess most buyers are gonna buy a Sena helmet because they’re looking for that seamless bluetooth integration without all the fiddling we usually have adding bluetooth kits and getting them to work properly.

Of course, there’s a heap of helmets that offer bluetooth headset integration these days (you can find all the helmets we’ve looked at on our communications-ready helmet pages), but Sena seem to have taken things a little further with their range of Sena Momentum full face helmets.

You can see the differences between the confusing range of Sena Momentums below.

And you can read on down the page to see our full review of the range of Sena Momentums, because we’ve done the research (and when there’s about a gazillion different models of Momentum, it was a lot of research!) so you can more easily see what’s great and not so great about all the Momentum helmets.

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Most owners seem to really like their Sena Momentum helmets.

sena momentum white helmet
Sena Momentums come in either black or white. That’s your lot.

It’s no surprise that the main driver to buy one is that Sena bluetooth integration. Sena make some great headsets and having them integrated into the helmet and working out of the box is a great idea.

If you’re wanting the latest headset tech, you’re best going for the Mesh-compliant Momentum Evo as some of the others are getting a little long in the tooth (though they’re still fine for most of us). And overall, the audio connectivity, noise cancelling and sound quality are broadly great for most owners.

Niggles? Well there’s some problems with face shields not closing properly, the Apps might not be as great as some would like and the base helmet isn’t very quiet. Oh, and they’re only DOT and ECE certified (some only DOT) so their protection levels haven’t been independently approved by the likes of Snell (or SHARP).

But overall, they’re great performing helmets packed with some really useful tech – and they score highly in this metareview so we reckon if you’re looking for a helmet with integrated voice or video, the Sena Momentum’s well worth an investment.

OK, What are the differences between the Sena Momentum Helmets?

Glad you asked. Here you go…

Sena Momentum Lite

sena momentum lite white helmet side view
Entry-level Sena Momentum Lite in white

The Sena Momentum Lite is their entry level full face helmet. It’s a fiberglass helmet (same as the rest) that comes with a more entry level Sena 10 series headset integrated.

That’s a basic headset that allows for connection with up to 3 other riders and a 1 mile range (under perfect conditions).

While it’ll allow for listening to music or GPS directions and chatting with other riders, it’s not a mesh system so won’t allow for simultaneous connections – it’s one or the other. DOT and ECE versions made.

Sena Momentum

Essentially the same helmet as the Momentum Lite but with a more advanced bluetooth headset included. It’ll let you connect with up to 7 other riders and allows audio multitasking for simultaneous GPS instructions while listening to music, for example. Same 1 mile max headset range – equivalent to Sena’s 20S standalone heatsets. DOT and ECE helmets.

Sena Momentum INC

INC stands for Intelligent Noise Control. It’s essentially the same as the Momentum but has a built in system that attempts to reduce or cancel out wind noise. It also has a system called ambient audio that amplifies external noise so you can more easily chat to someone without removing your helmet. DOT only.

Sena Momentum Pro

The Momentum Pro has an integral HD video camera mounted on the top of the helmet. It shoots at HD 1080p in 60fps or 1440p in 30fps (what’s called QHD or quad HD – it’s not 4K). It has the same Sena 20S intercom tech (connects to 7 other riders, 1m range) as the INC and Momentum. Shipped with clear Pinlock antifog, made in 2 shell sizes. Weighs approx. 4lbs (1.8kg), DOT only.

Sena Momentum INC Pro

You guessed it. The Momentum INC Pro has all the above in one helmet. Top mounted camera, Intelligent Noise Control system with ambient mode (which Sena’s own graphing seems to indicate will keep noise levels well below 100 decibels at 65 mph) – and a 20S style bluetooth headset. DOT only. Medium oval fitment.

Matte black Momentum Evo

Sena Momentum Evo

The Momentum Evo looks pretty similar to the other helmets, but Sena say it’s an evolutionary development featuring a more streamlined shell and fit, improved ventilation, liner and pads as well as Mesh 2 intercom (similar to those found in their 30k series headsets). Sena says it has a possible max range of 5 miles and can group mesh with up to 24 riders. Sizes M, L, XL only. Pinlock antifog included. DOT and ECE versions available.


 (more about helmet safety)

All Sena Momentum helmets have a fiberglass shell backed by multi-density shock absorbing polystyrene liner, and it’s held in place by a double-d ring fastener.

As a spec, that’s decent, if nothing new. There’s some great performing helmets with a similar spec so we’d expect it to be OK – though the only way we’d know if it’s been independently safety tested.

So far, all helmets meet DOT certification. The Momentum, Momentum Lite and Momentum Evo are also made in ECE spec too (don’t know if they’re indentical helmets or not tho).

None have been independently Snell or SHARP certified though so all we can say is they should give you at least a decent minimum level of protection, as defined by DOT and/or ECE testing standards. That’s it.

All Momentums (excluding the Lite) come with a Pinlock 120 Max Vision antifog insert in the box – which is a great way to keep your vision fog-free.

And a few owners have said the pre-Evo helmets have a nice wide field of view which is great for added awareness as you’re riding.

Helmet Noise

(more about helmet noise)

Overall, owners seem to find the basic helmet quite a noisy helmet (for a full face) – with the Momentum Evo being a slight improvement over the other helmets.

Not overly scientific – Sena says graph shows it’s quieter than some other helmet. Wow, thanks for the insight!

Obviously, the INC (Intelligent Noise Control) and INC Pro helmets have in-built noise cancelling tech which takes external low frequency sounds and tries to cancel them out using the bluetooth kit built into the helmet.

Most owners seem to like it. It works best at lower speeds with opinions mostly ranging from it being OK (it takes the edge off wind noise) to it working really well.

The INC helmets also have an ‘ambient mode’ which uses that same external microphone to let you hear people more easily so you can easily hold a conversation without removing your hat.

Just remember to turn it off before you set off – otherwise it’s definitely not a quiet helmet!


(more about helmet ventilation)

There’s a single chin bar vent and single forehead vent on all Momentums – including those with a top mounted camera. All can be closed by nice big fat sliders that are mega easy to find and operate.

A couple of useful links…

Top 10 Full Face helmet reviews
Other Bluetooth-ready Motorcycle helmets?

There’s also a single large rear exhaust vent to help pull moist and hot air out of the helmet.

sena momentum evo helmet front view ventilation
Chin vents and crown vents aren’t great – but improved on the Evo

The problem is, most owners seem to reckon the vents don’t actually let much air inside the helmet in the first place and the whole venting system doesn’t seem to work very well.

Again, ventilation seems to be improved in the newer Momentum Evo helmet which has a redesigned shell, ventilation system and liner inside.

Face Shield

(more about shields)

The shield on all Momentum helmets is quick release and Pinlock-ready. All Momentums apart from the Momentum Lite come with a Pinlock 120 Max Vision anti-fog insert in the box. The 120’s their top of the range insert – actually designed for Pro Racers – so will give you a nice clear visor in 99% of conditions.

There’s a nice wide field of view in Momentum helmets too – which is great for a more immersed ride as well as for safety, making shoulder checks easier.

And the quick change mechanism for swapping the shield out is super easy. Just open the visor fully, pull the exposed lever on each side and pull the shield away.

While the spec of the shield looks good and most regular Momentum owners are happy with how the shield system works, some Momentum Evo owners are less happy.

A few have reported that it’s a struggle to lock the shield closed and their helmets kept on opening up a crack – which can be really annoying. Especially if it’s raining or you’re really moving!

Comfort and Sizing

(more about comfort and sizing)

Comfort doesn’t seem to be a problem in any of the Momentums though.

Inside all helmets, there’s a removable and washable interior, with pads made from laser cut foam and using comfortable and quick-drying materials.

Sena Momentum Pro with its top mounted Quad HD camera

Owners universally reckon it’s a comfortable helmet, though they do generally size a bit small, so you may need to buy a size above your usual fit – especially if you’re in between sizes (the advice is to go for a size up).

All the Momentum helmets up to the Evo (so the Lite, regular, Inc and Inc Pro) are a more medium oval fitment which should suit most head shapes, whereas Sena decided to make the Evo a longer oval helmet.

And despite some of the helmets being festooned in tech, none of them are super heavy, with weights ranging from around 3.5Lbs (1.6Kg) for the helmets without cameras (4 ounces heavier than your average full face) to 4Lbs (1.8Kg) for the fully-loaded Momentum Pro’s (11 ounces heavier than average).

So whichever you buy, it’ll be a tad heavier than some helmets but you shouldn’t find it too heavyweight.

If weight is an issue, you might want to take a look at our lightweight helmets pages instead.

Built-in Bluetooth Headsets

Momentum Lite Bluetooth

In the Momentum Lite, you’ll get Sena’s bargain basement 10 Series bluetooth. That’s a bluetooth 4.1 intercom with a 1 mile range (in perfect conditions) that’ll connect up to 4 riders.

There’s no audio duplexing but it does have in-built basic noise control and an FM radio and will connect to your music, phone and satnav/GPS. It charges in around 3 hours and has a lithium polymer battery and should last all day no problem, under normal riding conditions.

Momentum Bluetooth

The Momentum contains Sena’s 20S bluetooth headset. Again, that’s bluetooth 4.1 with a 1 mile (max) range but this time supports up to 8 riders. Basic noise cancellation, FM radio, same charge time and battery (both integrate into the back of the helmet) and should last around 6-8 hours of constant use. Sena quotes up to 20 hours talk time but I guess that’s with intermittent intercom use.

Momentum Lite in matte black
Momentum Lite in matte black

The Momentum will allow for audio multitasking – so you can listen to music while getting GPS instructions for example. Owners find pairing works well and this set has voice control too. It’s also got something called sound enhancement, though a couple of owners reckoned this just strips out the bass and boosts the treble.

Momentum INC & INC Pro Bluetooth

The Intelligent Noise Control (INC) helmets have the same Sena 20 series bluetooth 4.1 headset incorporated as the Momentum. But there’s also the addition of another control panel on the right/rear of the helmet to control the INC and Ambient Noise mode.

The INC feature cancels out low end frequencies that you’ll find in wind rush to try and quieten the helmet down, while Ambient mode amplifies external sounds so you can chat to people without removing your helmet.

The bluetooth headset is generally basic but well liked and most users find INC great though some others are a bit meh about it.

Momentum Evo Bluetooth

The Momentum Evo has a later Sena 30K Mesh 2 intercom and bluetooth 4.1. Mesh is a system of connectivity for headsets and allows connection with up to 24 riders and up to 5 miles range.

It also has WiFi connectivity to auto update firmware through the 30K utility app – which should futureproof your headset for a few years at least.

Evo owners seem to rate the headset as excellent – good quality audio and louder volume levels compared to the other helmets (which can be a bit quiet) and 3 hour charge time which should power the headset all day, even with heavy usage.

Video Cameras (Momentum Pro and INC Pro)

The Pro helmets have top-mounted forward-facing HD cameras built in.

You can choose from 1080P (30 or 60fps) or 1440P 30fps (called Quad HD) and in loop mode, it’ll record for up to 2 hours, looping round to continuously record the last 2 hours.

Top mounted camera on the Momentum Pros, right behind the top air vent

Quality’s great according to owners, and there’s an option to record your voice too while riding if that’s your thing. You’ll need a 64Gb Class 10 Micro SD card (won’t take larger cards) and it’ll record videos in 4Gb chunks – automatically creating the next 4Gb file once one’s completed.

Word is that it uses a separate battery from the intercom too, so lots of camera use won’t drain the intercom battery.

Sena Apps

The Sena Smartphone App works on Apple and Android devices. It contains guides on how to use your headset as well as configure its settings. There’s also a Sena Camera App which lets you configure settings as well as preview live video and manage recorded videos and connects to the camera with WiFi.

Companion Apps control all the usual settings and contain the manuals

While paring with phones and using Apps seems pretty good, there’s a few instances of owners grumbling about the Apps being poor – too complex and generally not working very well.

Looks & Graphics

Apart from the fact that the Pro helmets have cameras stuck out of the top, the other helmets look pretty identical. They’re not the most funky or eye catching of helmets but they’re neat enough .

The Momentum Evo has a very slightly redesigned shell but the other helmets all share a common shell and are only available in matte black or white. So what you see up and down this page is pretty well all you’re gonna get in terms of graphics and colorways!

Best places to buy a Sena Momentum helmet?

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Sena Momentum Video

First up is a 12m video from J&P Cycles looking over the Momentum Inc Pro, followed by a 4m video of how one guy got on with his Momentum Evo after a couple of months.

Other stuff – fasteners, glasses, chin curtain, warranty

All Sena Momentum helmets come with tried-and-tested double-D ring fasteners.

If you ride wearing glasses, there aren’t any glasses cutouts inside any of the Momentums. A couple of owners said it can be a struggle to get the glasses on in the first place but once they’re there, they work OK. I guess it depends on how big the arms of your glasses are and how tight the fit of the helmet is for your head – especially in the Evo which is a narrower fitment helmet. Check here for helmets that work really well with glasses.

All Momentum helmets come with a chin curtain to reduce the amount of air/noise getting into the helmet from below, and breath guard to help reduce fogging on the shield.

Finally, all Momentums come with a 5 year helmet warranty – which is great. What’s not so great and slightly bizarre is that part that Sena manufactures (the bluetooth headset) only has a 2 year warranty. Guess there’s more to break in a headset.

Crash Helmet Buying Guides

For (hopefully!) other useful information to help you when buying your next helmet, check our various guides - or have a look at our top helmet lists where we've got the top 10 rated helmets overall and best budget/safest/full face/flip-up/sportsbike/track helmets.

Good Alternatives to the Sena Momentum?

There’s a stack of helmets that will work well with a bluetooth set – and you can find all those on our Bluetooth Communicator Ready Helmets Pages.

HJC i10 rank crash helmet side view
Hi Viz Rank graphic HJC i10

Of those, the HJC i10 is a great value Snell approved full face helmet that should work with a range of bluetooth sets.

At a premium price point (i.e. expensive!) is the Arai DT-X which is a great all-rounder composite fiber Snell certified helmet.

Arai DT-X

Some manufacturers integrate bluetooth headsets (usually made by some of the big brands like Sena or Cardo) into their helmets.

Shark Skwal 2

Shark helmets does that with several of their helmets – including the excellent Skwal (the one with integral LED lights) – as does Schuberth with the likes of the C4 Pro.

C4 Pro Magnitudo

Finally, Nolan helmets are pretty well all headset-ready and designed to fit their N-Com bluetooth systems – including the versatile N70-2 and N100-5 modulars – though they’re not widely distributed in the US.

Looking to buy a Sena Momentum?

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