HJC TR-1 full face crash helmet


Note. The HJC TR-1 is now discontinued in the US. For a great Snell certified alternative, check out the HJC FG-17.

The HJC TR-1 is a budget-priced full face polycarbonate crash helmet. It has a few interesting features such as an integrated sun shield and quick release visor system.

Unfortunately, the TR-1 was never Snell certified and scored a lowly 2 star rating (out of 5) by the crash helmet safety testing guys at SHARP – specifically the helmet failed to give adequate protection on side impacts. Because there are far superior-scoring helmets in the same price range with very similar (or better) features, we’ve not taken the review any further and suggest you check out the helmets below to find a helmet that’ll protect your head better in an accident. As we always say, if you’ve gotta wear a helmet, you might as well wear one that’ll protect your head! Click the following links for more information about the SHARP crash helmet testing scheme.

So which crash helmet should I buy?

For a similar price to the TR1, you should check out the HJC IS-17. This is also a full face helmet with an integral sun visor, but the IS17 scored a maximum 5/5 SHARP rating too. It’s a cracking helmet and scores highly in pretty well every respect so well worth having a look. If you’re after something that’s a little more up-market, then the Shoei NXR scores well across the board, with a commendable 4 stars for safety. It’s a notch up in build quality too. Either of these helmets should give you great service and happy in the knowledge that your noggin’s safe.

Or you could look down our top 10 helmets 2015 list to see our overall winners regardless of helmet type – or look here if safety is your main criteria for buying a new helmet. Visit our homepage for our crash helmet buying guides and lots of other links to useful helmet information around the site.

Best place to buy this HJC crash helmet?

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More HJC crash helmet reviews/info?

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