HJCs low priced all-rounder full face helmet.

hjc i70 in Hi Viz fluo yellow side view

HJC i70 full face motorcycle crash helmet review.

The HJC i70 is HJCs replacement of their mega-popular IS-17. Which means it’s a polycarbonate all-rounder full face helmet, that’s just as happy taking on a cross-continent tour on a Wing as cruising the street on a Z1000.

The IS-17 was one of our all time fave helmets – offering an excellent combo of safety (the ECE version scored a massive 5 stars in SHARP safety testing) along with stacks of performance for not very much money.

So the i70 has lots to live up to. Scroll to the bottom if you want to see our thoughts on it, or read on to find what you can expect if you buy an i70…

  • Polycarbonate full face helmet
  • All rounder helmet
  • Integral sun visor
  • Pinlock anti-fog ready shield
  • DOT and ECE versions
  • 2 shell sizes
  • 3.5lbs (1.59Kg) slightly heavier than avg
  • Sizes XXS-XXL
  • Expect to pay $180-$205

Looking to buy this HJC?

We recommend Revzilla (PA) for outstanding service and free shipping, and 2 Wheel (CA) for great service, free shipping and returns. Or you can click through to the HJC helmets pages at Amazon if you prefer to buy from there. Please click any link to drop onto their HJC helmets pages or see here for more info about our recommended stores, including T&Cs.

hjc i70 Karon motorbike crash helmet top view
The i70 in Karon graphics showing top air vents


(more about helmet safety)

There are DOT and ECE versions of the i70 available, meaning they comply with their respective US and European safety standards. And both should offer a decent level of protection if the worst happens.

Unfortunately, HJC don’t seem to get Snell to test many of their helmets any more and the UKs SHARP helmet testing guys haven’t tested the i70 yet, so it’s difficult to get an accurate idea of how protective the i70 is.

But hopefully, HJC has used the same helmet tech it used in the outgoing IS-17 in the i70. Because that helmet scored maximum marks when SHARP tested it – meaning it’s going to give as good protection as you can hope for in any helmet, whatever the price.

hjc i70 asto black red motorcycle crash helmet rear view
HJC i70 Asto in black/red

Since the IS-17 was launched in 2014, HJC has had a couple of other polycarb helmets tested by SHARP – one full face (the CS-15) and one modular (the IS Max II) – and both helmets scored four stars out of five.

We can’t be 100% sure how well the i70 would score if it was tested of course. But if pressed, we’d definitely expect it to be something similarly high up the scale.

The i70 is produced in 2 shell sizes with one shell size covering fitment sizes XXS-M and the other covering L-XXL. That’s OK for a pretty low cost lid and means your helmet will be moderately optimized for safety as well as looks (see here to find out why).

Other safety features include that wide, Pinlock-ready face shield (though in the US the Pinlock isn’t included in the box like it is in Europe) which should give excellent all-round and peripheral vision and, if you fit a Pinlock, that’ll ensure your vision’s clear 99.9% of the time.

There’s also a drop down internal sun visor to stop you getting dazzled in bright sunlight, and the US version has a double-d ring fastener (micrometric in Europe).

black orange hjc i70 elim full face motorcycle helmet side view
This one’s the Elim colorway in black/grey/orange. Note sun visor slider on bottom rim

All in all, yes the i70 is a polycarb helmet and yes, polycarbonate is usually found on cheaper helmets. But don’t let that put you off because if they’re made right, polycarbonate helmets can be incredibly high performing helmets.

And the i70 does have some useful safety features which will hopefully mean it’ll offer great protection too.

As soon as any testing body pushes it through their labs, we’ll be the first to let you know here.


(more about helmet ventilation)

Ventilation is one area HJC has looked to improve over the old helmet – which was already good.

So the i70 has four front vents – a twin vent on the chin bar operated by a single central slider. And there’s two crown vents, operated by two separate sliders.

To the rear, there’s a large twin top exhaust vent and an exhaust at the collar.

Inside the shell, above average sized air channels circulate air through the helmet and around the scalp, with the vented internal comfort liner letting plenty of air reach the head.

hjc i70 matt black motorcycle crash helmet top view
Top vents clearly visible on this solid matt black i70

The chin vent is designed to direct air onto the back of the shield to help with anti-fogging. But if fogging becomes a real issue, you’ll probably need to invest in a decent anti-fog solution, like a Pinlock insert.

Overall, ventilation looks like it’s been well thought out and because HJCs are generally good for ventilation, we’d expect the i70 to be decent too.


(more about shields)

The face shield on the HJC i70 is designed to offer a wide view angle and is both quick-release and Pinlock antifog insert ready (though a Pinlock antifog isn’t included in the box in the US helmet).

The shield works on a ratchet and has a ‘cracked open’ city riding position, which most of us will find useful to let in a bit of extra air when riding around slowly.

The central opening tab is also a shield lock and it’s easy to lock/open with one gloved hand.

hjc i70 asto black pink motorcycle crash helmet side view
Striking black/purple i70 Asto

HJCs Quickfire II tool-less shield removal is a decent system and just needs you to open the shield, push back on the lever on either side of the helmet and the face shield pops off so you can clean or replace it.

As mentioned, it’s also Pinlock-ready meaning there’s a couple of small posts on the rear of the shield that are locating pins for a pinlock insert that sits on the back of the shield and acts as a moisture-absorbing double glazing and stops your shield fogging up in all but the most extreme cold/humidity.

And because HJC has made the shield aperture nice and wide (what they call their Vision Plus system), you shouldn’t find any restriction in peripheral vision either.

Which means, HJC has pretty well thought of everything when it comes to the visor on the i70.

hjc i70 Varok motorbike crash helmet top view
HJC i70 Varok

Sun Visor

(more about sun visors)

And that includes integrating a drop-down sun visor into the i70.

It works by a slider on the bottom left of the helmet. OK that can interfere with bluetooth comms unit fixings, but it’s a convenient place for you to find your sun visor slider too.

The sun visor drops down nice and low and is reasonably dark, so it should give decent protection in all but the brightest, most direct sunshine.

Comfort and Sizing

(more about comfort and sizing)

The HJC i70 is one of HJCs lower priced helmets, so don’t expect all the fancy materials you’ll find in a more expensive helmet.

But that still means you’ll find a very comfortable internal liner that’s both antimicrobial and moisture wicking.

It’s also fully removable and washable and there’s large speaker pockets in there, along with glasses grooves to accommodate the stems of glasses and stop them digging in to the side of your head while riding.

hjc i70 elim full face motorcycle crash helmet rear view
Rear view of the HJC i70 Elim

At 3.5lbs (about 1.6Kg) it’s not the lightest full face helmet, but it’s only a few ounces over the average full face helmet and it won’t be heavy enough to cause you any problems.

It’s also been designed to suit medium oval shaped heads (that’s most of us) so if that sounds like you, check out our fitting guide first, then measure your head to ensure you buy the correct size – and you should be good to go.

Looks & Graphics

The i70 has been designed as an all rounder helmet and to appeal to as many people as possible – so it’s a pretty conservative helmet in styling and colorways.

We’ve put examples of the crazily named Riaz, Varok, Karon, Asto and Cravia designs along with the plain solid versions on these pages.

But there’s sure to be new graphics released by HJC through the year so please click the links below to find what else is available (plus we reckon you can trust these stores to treat you right if you order from them).

Best place to buy this HJC crash helmet?

Please click below to visit the HJC helmets pages at our recommended stores. And if you buy from any store, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you - a massive THANKS! (it's how we finance the site).

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HJC i70 Video

Here’s a 15m video looking in detail at the i70.

Other stuff – breath deflector, warranty

The i70 comes with a breath deflector built in.

It’ll come with HJCs standard 3 year warranty too (from date of purchase).

Alternatives to the HJC i70?

If you’re not looking to spend to much but want a great performing helmet, here’s some tried and tested great buys.

First up is the Scorpion Exo-R710. It’s a Snell Certified fiberglass helmet that comes with an optically correct, Pinlock face shield and is waaay lighter than the i70 but can be had for around the same money.

If you’re willing to spend more, you might want to check out the AGV K5S. That’s a SHARP 4 star tested (ECE version) carbon/fiberglass lid with sun visor that’s mega comfortable with good aero.

Or there’s another Scorpion that’s worth looking at – that’s the Scorpion Exo-R420 which is a lower priced polycarbonate helmet that’s also Snell tested/approved, comes with a double-d ring fastener and EQRS too. That’s a whole lotta helmet for less than the i70.


hjc i70 Karon blue motorbike crash helmet top view
Karon graphics, this time in blue

HJC make some great value helmets. And if you’re after a lower priced all rounder, the i70 has all the bases covered. It’s got a wide, Pinlock ready, quick release shield. A drop down sun visor. Decent sized internal speaker pockets and it’s designed to work with most bikes (but probably not ideal for sportsbikes).

So if you’re after bang for your buck, you’ve a medium oval head shape, and looking for an all rounder helmet, then the i70 might well be a great buy.

Looking to buy this HJC?

We recommend Revzilla (PA) for outstanding service and free shipping, and 2 Wheel (CA) for great service, free shipping and returns. Or you can click through to the HJC helmets pages at Amazon if you prefer to buy from there. Please click any link to drop onto their HJC helmets pages or see here for more info about our recommended stores, including T&Cs.


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