Fly Racing Street Revolt FS review: an amazing value Snell-approved full face.


Fly Racing Street Revolt FS full face motorcycle helmet review.

Most folks are pushing the Fly Racing Street Revolt FS as the cheapest Snell approved helmet on the market.

And while I’m not 100% sure about that (deals on the R420 Scorpion or the CL-17 HJC might give it a run for its money!), it is undoubtedly both Snell 2015 approved and fantastic value too.

Which means if you’re looking for great protection but don’t want to hit your wallet too hard then, on the face of it at least, the Revolt FS might well be worth checking out.

fly racing street revolt ink n needle helmet matte black side view
Ink-n-Needle graphic Fly Racing Revolt FS

So what else do we know about it? Well, it’s been designed as an all rounder helmet, made to fit riders with longer oval heads.

That’s unusual in itself because most of us have rounder heads than that – more medium oval. So that’ll be music to the ears of long oval headed riders as there’s less and less choice out there to suit them.

It’s also been made to look kinda sporty with that swoopy rear spoiler. And with a heap of front and rear vents, they say they’ve made it to give great ventilation for those summer rides.

That’s great. But lots of makers make all kinds of claims for their helmets. The question is, does the Fly Racing Revolt FS deliver?

To answer that question, here’s a full run down on what features the Revolt FS offers, along with the thoughts of owners and riders from around the web to find out if it’s worth the (little) investment or whether you should take your money elsewhere.

Looking to buy a Fly Racing Revolt FS?

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Bang for your buck on a Snell approved helmet is the major message here.

If you’re looking for great protection, then Snell helmets are the ones to go for. And with the Fly Racing Street Revolt FS – just as promised by Fly Racing – you get a Snell 2015 approved helmet along with great value.

fly racing street revolt fs motorcycle helmet patriot hi viz crash helmet side view
Hi Viz Patriot graphic Revolt FS

But it actually offers more than that. Owners say it’s a really comfortable helmet with good ventilation and a great face shield system.

Aero capabilities are OK and the fact it comes with two shields in the box (clear and tint) is real icing on the cake.

All meaning, if you’ve a long oval head, and are looking for great protection and real value for money – and you’re looking for a good looking full face helmet – then you should really have a ride in a Fly Racing Street Revolt FS because it’s a great budget helmet that really punches above its weight.


 (more about helmet safety)

The headline here is that the Fly Racing Street Revolt FS has been Snell 2015 approved.

Not many lower price helmets have been Snell tested/approved so that’s a great performance and, overall, means that you should be able to trust the Fly Racing Revolt FS to do its job and protect you in an accident.

In fact while researching the Revolt FS we came across several riders who say theirs did just that – which is always great to hear.

Of course, it’s DOT certified too (not ECE though) so it meets the mandatory DOT safety standards.

And Fly Racing has put a dual density shock absorbing EPS liner in there to help manage both lower and higher speed impacts.

fly racing street revolt fs liberator snell helmet top view
From the top – Liberator graphic Fly Racing Revolt FS

Plus it’s made in 2 shell sizes which will mean the helmet shell/size is slightly optimized for your head – though that could be better by producing even more shell sizes.

Bell, for example, make some of their helmets in 5 shell sizes!

But overall, if it’s been Snell certified, that’s about as good as it gets (except for maybe dual Snell and SHARP but you can’t have everything!)

It’s also got a double-d ring fastener on there which are as safe as houses (provided you tighten them up well every ride) and there’s a face shield lock on there which can come in handy if you’re on the track or you take a fall.

All in all, that should mean the Fly Racing Street Revolt FS will give you as good protection as the latest Snell approved helmets from the big brands costing hundreds of dollars more.

Great job Fly Racing!

Helmet Noise

(more about helmet noise)

Just one look at the shell of the Revolt FS and you can see the potential for a noise problem.

Loads of vents in the helmet shell should be great for pulling in a ton of air. But those same holes have the potential to let in a ton of noise too.

fly racing street revolt ink n needle helmet black white side view
Here’s the white Ink ‘n’ Needle graphic Revolt FS

And while it doesn’t seem to be a massive problem with the Revolt FS, quite a few owners do reckon it’s a noisy helmet.

As usual, the faster you go, the noisier it’ll be (surprise surprise) and there are always one or two people who say it’s not too bad – usually because it’s quieter than the helmet they’re used to wearing – or they don’t ride fast.

But overall, don’t expect the Revolt FS to be a quiet and chilling place to stick your head because it’s not.

However, don’t ride too fast and/or wear some decent ear plugs and noise shouldn’t be a problem.

Or if wearing a quiet helmet’s massively important to you, then take a look at our quietest helmets pages for more quiet helmets than you can shake a 18″ pipe wrench at!


(more about helmet ventilation)

The Fly Racing Street Revolt FS has got more vent holes in the shell than I can ever remember seeing on any helmet – ever.

There’s the obvious ones – the double crown vent and the single chin bar vent – all with their respective sliders or switches to close them off.

Plus there’s four separate ‘passive’ vents in the chin bar that are covered with a grill. They can be closed off too but the switch/dial is found inside the chin bar and can only really be adjusted once you’re stationary.

A couple of useful links…

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Out back, there’s six passive always-open exhaust vents to help remove all that stale air and make room for nice cooling fresh air.

Inside the helmet, air is moved from front to back through generous air channels moulded into the EPS liner, and there’s corresponding cutaways and mesh panels in the comfort liner to let the air get to your head.

fly racing street revolt fs patriot red crash helmet side view
The Patriot in black/red

OK, that’s great. It’s what you want to see. But does it work?

Well yeah… mostly.

Not everyone agrees but most opinions are that airflow through the Fly Revolt FS is somewhere from about average to great. Some riders who live in very hot states reckoned there’s loads of air while a few others thought it’s kinda average for a full face.

Guess no one’s ever gonna agree entirely, but overall the weight of opinion seems to be that it passes a decent amount of air through and most riders will probably be happy with the amount of venting the Revolt FS offers.


(more about shields)

If you live somewhere cold though, you might have a problem with the shield fogging though.

Fly Racing does say it’s covered in an anti-fog coating and, as we’ve seen in the past, some of these OEM coatings can be pretty decent these days.

But a few Revolt FS owners have commented that when it’s cold, the Revolt does have a tendency to fog. Especially when you’re going slowly or stationary at lights. Then, you’re gonna have to crack that shield to stop fogging up.

fly racing street revolt fs liberator snell helmet rear view
Rear view of the Revolt FS (liberator) showing rear spoiler. You can just about make out some of the 6 exhaust vents too.

Which is a shame because, otherwise, most owners have only good things to say about the face shields on the Revolt FS.

First up, it comes with both a clear and smoked shield in the box. That’s rare and a real bonus – especially for a helmet at this price point.

Second, they’re optically correct.

Sure, most visors are pretty clear. But a couple of owners commented that they seem particularly clear so that’s always nice and helps with that feeling of immersion when you’re riding, if you know what I mean.

Third and fourth points – are that a few riders commented that the shield gives you a nice wide field of view and that its quick release mechanism is easy to use to pull the shield off without tools.

Oh, and according to Fly Racing, both shields give 100% UVA/B 400 protection. Which is a definite thumbs up.

So, apart from a little fogging which may or may not be an issue for you, the shield(s) on the Revolt FS are great.

Comfort and Sizing

(more about comfort and sizing)

Inside the Revolt, there’s a fully removable and washable comfort liner.

Fly Racing call it their Qwick-Dry liner which is designed to wick moisture/sweat away from your head. Couple that with decent ventilation and cutaways/mesh in the liner and it should all keep your head dry and comfortable.

fly racing street revolt fs liberator full face helmet side view
The Liberator comes in 3 colorways – this one’s the blue/white/black

In fact owners are pretty unanimous in praising the Revolt RS as being really comfortable, saying the fabric is soft to the touch and is comfortable enough for full day rides.

That’s as long as you’ve a longer oval head shape of course, because that’s who Fly are targeting the Revolt FS at (rather than the medium oval head shapes most riders in the US have).

If you’re serious about buying a Revolt FS, make sure you measure your head (fitting guide) and if you find yourself between sizes, we’d go for the smaller size because a few owners reckoned they can size a bit small.

Also, because the Revolt FS is made in just two shell sizes – with one shell size covering fitment sizes XS-M and the other L-XXL – some people will find themselves wearing a helmet that’s also used for riders two sizes up.

So if you’re an L, that same helmet will be padded out to fit XXL riders.

Which, according to a couple of owners, can mean the helmet looks a bit oversized on you.

That might not be too much of a problem if you’re 260lbs and 6+ feet because you’ll probably pull it off.

fly racing street revolt fs solid gloss white helmet side view
Solid white Revolt FS

But if you’re 130lbs wet through and under 5 feet tall… it might look a bit on the big side.

Finally, a few Revolt owners say when they bought theirs, it felt quite tight at first but breaks in quickly.

So if you do buy one and it feels tight, then it’s not uncommon and should break in. And if it doesn’t, Fly Racing do sell replacement cheek pads in different sizes so that should help with tailoring the fit some.

Overall though, it’s a very comfortable helmet for long oval heads with no known problems, so it’s good to go.

Looks & Graphics

At the time of writing, if you’re after a solid Revolt FS, there’s a solid gloss white and matte black to choose from.

For graphics, there’s the Ink N Needle, Patriot, Liberator and Codex. But you’ll find some of the older (and newer) designs if you click through to our recommended stores (recommended for excellent reviews and service) using the links below.

Best places to buy a Fly Racing Revolt FS?

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Fly Racing Street Revolt FS Video

A 7m look over both the Patriot graphic and solid matt black Revolt FS.

Other stuff – audio, weight, glasses, chin curtain, warranty

If you’re looking to fit a bluetooth headset, there’s apparently plenty of room inside for speakers. I’ve heard of owners fitting a range of Sena headsets including SMH-10, 10R and 10S so it should suit a good range of kits inside.

fly racing street revolt fs solid matte black helmet side view
And here’s the solid matte black version

Being a thermoplastic helmet, the Revolt FS isn’t the lightest helmet around. It weighs around 3.7lbs which is above average weight for a polycarb helmet. Having said that, a few owners commented that it feels light weight when wearing it so we don’t expect it’ll be a problem for most riders.

While there aren’t any glasses channels inside the Revolt FS, a couple of owners we found said you can comfortably wear glasses inside it no problem. Here’s other helmets that are known to be great for glasses wearers.

The Revolt FS comes with a removable chin curtain and a breath guard fitted.

If you buy one, from the info we can find online (and there’s zero info on Fly Racing’s website!), Fly Racing only provides a one year warranty. Maybe that’s why it’s not advertised anywhere as that’s one of the shortest warranty periods we’ve found.

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Good Alternatives to the Revolt FS?

Here’s a few helmets for you to check out – all great value for money and offering excellent protection.

scorpion exo r 410 crash helmet tracker grey side view
Scorpion R420

We mentioned the Scorpion Exo R-420 at the top of the page. That’s a good value Snell approved full face helmet. It weighs about the same as the Revolt, has the same fastener and costs about the same too. It has EQRS cheek pads though which the Fly doesn’t.

HJC CL17 Africa motorcycle helmet top view
CL-17 Africa

The HJC CL-17 is priced about the same but suitable for rounder head shapes. It’s Snell too – and owners love it for, well, pretty well everything!

Scorpion exo-st1400 hi viz yellow antrim carbon helmet side rear view
ST1400 Antrim

If your budget can stretch a little bit, you can get a whole lot more exotic helmet – like the Scorpion Exo-ST1400. Shells made from carbon or composite fibers, EQRS, sun visor, Pinlock insert included, 5 year warranty – plus the ECE version tested 4 stars for safety.

Gloss white Bell SRT

Or how about the Bell SRT full face. That’s Snell approved, is a great all rounder helmet that’s also great for glasses wearers.

Looking to buy a Fly Racing Revolt FS?

Please click below to visit the Fly Racing Revolt FS helmets pages at our recommended stores – all checked for great online ratings. And if you buy from any store, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

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