Nexx X-Wild Enduro and X-Wild Street composite dual sports and street helmets review

Review of the Nexx X-Wild Enduro and X-Wild Street.

We’re looking at both the Nexx X-Wild Enduro and X-Wild Street together because they’re very similar helmets: like quite a few helmet makers, Nexx has created a single helmet that they’ve then repurposed to make both a full face street helmet as well as an endro-style dual-sport helmet.

Which is why we’ve included both helmets in a single review – because they share so many components, you can pretty much regard the X-Wild Enduro as the X-Wild Street with a sun peak/roost guard bolted onto the top.

So, if you’re interested in either helmet, here’s the low down on what you get for your hard earned $s.

Nexx X-Wild Enduro – dual-sports helmet
Nexx X-Wild Street – street helmet
Nexx X.WST2-motrox grey red street helmet front view
Nexx X-Wild Street helmet in Motrox grey/red graphics
  • Composite fiber shell construction
  • Drop down sun visor
  • Double-d ring fastener
  • Equipped with EQRS
  • X-Com (Sena) communicator ready
  • Both DOT & ECE approved
  • Not Snell or SHARP tested
  • Extreme shell sizes – XXS-XXXL
  • 2 year warranty
  • Expect to pay:

    • X-Wild Enduro – $479-$529
    • X-Wild Street – $399 (carbon $499)

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Nexx X-Wild Enduro or Street?

The X-Wild Enduro adventure helmet and the X-Wild Street helmet are pretty much identical helmets apart from the sun peak. So, the great thing about choosing the X-Wild Enduro is that if you want to go touring for example, you can remove the peak and it’ll work as a great sports touring helmet. Obviously, you can’t do the opposite with the X-Wild Street and turn it into a dual-sport helmet because it doesn’t come with the sun peak or the fitting so it’s a one-way street only.

If you do go for the X-Wild Enduro helmet, then it comes with a peak extender too, to extend the range of the sun peak, as well as Go-Pro accessories to mount a camera on either side or top of the helmet – plus there’s and a couple of different chin bar vent covers; either solid or perforated for extra venting off road but without the gravel getting in!

This is the enduro version with the sun peak – the Nexx X-Wild Enduro Patrol


(more about helmet safety)

Both the Enduro and Street share the same helmet shell and they’re both goodies.

Nexx focuses its helmet development efforts on producing composite fiber helmets, and both these helmets share the same X-Matrix composite shell. That’s a multi-layered sandwich of fiberglass, aramid (kevlar) and carbon, arranged in a multi-axial mat which helps increase strength in all directions.

They also produce helmet shells in 3 different sizes, with the smaller shell used for XXS-S sizes, the medium shell for M-L and the largest shell size covering sizes XL-XXXL.

Composite fiber helmets typically score higher for safety than polycarbonate or fiberglass helmets (according to SHARP testing results) and the more shell sizes the better in terms of making a helmet that fits comfortably and fits just right – i.e. firm and tight without being too tight. Comfort and fitting are key in getting a safer helmet too.

While neither helmets have been safety tested by Snell (or SHARP in the UK), we always check out past SHARP safety ratings to see if it’ll give us a idea of how well it’ll perform in an accident.

Nexx X.WST2-Carbon zero street motorbike helmet side view
Lovely Carbon Zero version of the Nexx X-Wild Street

Unfortunately, only four Nexx helmets have been tested to date and only one composite helmet in the last couple of years. So there’s probably not much we can uncover from that.

OK, so what other features are good for safety?

Well, there’s quite a few actually. Both helmets have got integrated drop down sun visors, wide shields for good peripheral vision, and they’re Pinlock antifog ready, though there’s no Pinlock included in the box.

They’ve also got Nexx’s version of EQRS which Nexx calls its ’emergency strap V2′ which emergency services can use to pull out the cheek pads to help them remove your helmet more easily.

Oh, and of course it’s DOT certified (ECE 22.05 certified in Europe).


(more about helmet ventilation)

Both helmets feature a mass of front vents. There’s a large central chin bar vent with a large glove-friendly panel to open or close it. And up top, there’s three forehead vents – a large central vent plus a couple of smaller vents either side – all covered with two position sliders to open/close them.

Plain white X-Wild Enduro showing front vents plus sun visor slider top right of the shell.

On the X-Wild Street, that chin bar vent is covered by a solid two position panel – push the bottom to open the vent and push the top to close it.

On the X-Wild Enduro you also have the option of swapping out the panel for a perforated cover to allow masses of air in whether it’s open or closed. Or you can stick with the solid cover because both are included in the box.

As we’re used to seeing in most helmets these days, those top vents let air through the helmet shell and around the helmet to keep your head cool.

Initial word is that all the vents work very well so you shouldn’t have a problem with ventilation.


 (more about shields)

The shields on both the X-Wild Enduro and X-Wild Street are panoramic shields, meaning they’re wider than your average shield for that more involved riding feeling – as well as being that bit safer, allowing you better visibility in your peripheral vision.

They’re also Pinlock anti-fog ready, though a Pinlock doesn’t come in the box.

And they both have Nexx’s X-Lock quick release system. That’s a pretty unusual quick release shield system where you have to rotate a plastic pod (Nexx call this the X-Block) that fits over the shield pivot point on each side, then pull it off. That allows the shield to release from its pivot. It’s a bit quirky but it works.

nexx xwild enduro hill end helmet side view
This one’s the X-Wild Enduro in Hill End graphics

Sun Peak (X-Wild Enduro only)

Being a dual sports helmet (designed to work on the road as well as off) the X-Wild Enduro has a removable sun visor/roost guard. That’s good for shading you from the sun and sprayed up dirt if you’re following someone else off road.

Nexx has redesigned the peak from the previous version of the helmet so it performs better on the road and doesn’t lift or vibrate the helmet as much at speed.

It’s also got extra cut outs to help the air flow reach the top/side vents. And it’s a moveable peak too so you can adjust it (without tools) to suit your riding position.

They’ve also included an extender piece that makes the peak even bigger if you need it.

And if you want to remove the sun peak, you can do that too – Nexx has included a couple of quick release shield pivots in the box so you remove the peak and configure it as a street helmet with the face shield in place.

nexx xwild street motrox helmet rear view
Rear view of both helmets is near identical – but this one’s the X-Wild Street Motorox. Note sun visor slider top left.

Sun Visor

(more about sun visors)

Of course, there’s an integral drop down sun visor included on both the Enduro and Street.

Not much to say about the sun visor other than it’s an 80% tint sun visor that’s operated by a slider situated in a slightly unusual place on the top left of the helmet. Looks like it’ll be a bit tricky to find and use at first but practice finding it before you ride and you should be OK, once you get used to it.

Comfort and Sizing

(more about comfort and sizing)

The X-Wild Enduro and Street are medium-oval fitment helmets which generally suit most people’s head shapes in the West.

They’re made in 3 helmet shell sizes and they’re available in pretty extreme sizes too, with the smallest being XXS and the largest XXXL. The largest shell fits sizes XL-XXXL, the second shell covers sizes L-M and the smallest shell size fits XXS-S.

Having a helmet come in three shell sizes is good for overall fitting, comfort and – we’d argue – for safety too.

The internals of both helmets are removable and washable. Chin guards are ergonomically styled to fit the contours of the face (sometimes called 3D cheek pads) with a ventilated skull cap to let air through to your head.

They feature Nexx’s own version of the EQRS system – tug on the red tabs and it should allow for easier removal of the cheek pads to help emergency services remove your helmet. It also helps you remove the pads when it comes to washing your lining too.

Nexx X.WST2-motrox titanium street helmet side view
Titanium’s always a good bet. This one’s the Motrox Titanium X-Wild Street.

Nexx has used what they call X.Mart Dry fabrics which are their version of moisture-wicking and anti-allergenic fabrics. They make for decent, comfortable crash helmet linings.

Looks & Graphics

OK, there’s a stack of graphics out for both helmets so you’re really best clicking through to our recommended retailers below to check out what’s available (in addition to the one’s we’ve shown on here). It’s worth noting that the glorious full carbon version is only available as the X-Wild Street and not as the dual sport version – at the time of writing. Shame.

Best place to buy a Nexx crash helmet?

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Click to visit Nexx at Revzilla

Click above to drop onto their Nexx helmets pages or *quick view store T&Cs here.

Nexx X-Wild Enduro and X-Wild Street Videos

The top video’s a review of the X-Wild Enduro (which is called X.WED2 in Europe) – note it’s very comprehensive with almost 38m run time! That’s followed by an 8m look at the X.Wild Street.

Other stuff – audio, weight, warranty

The Nexx X-Wild Enduro and Street both come ready to integrate the Nexx X-Com intercom unit. That’s a communicator built by Sena which fits into the slot in the left hand side of the shell. The plastic panel removes with a couple of screws and the X-Com unit slots in.

Nexx reckons both helmets weigh about 3.4lbs (1.55Kg) or 3.2lbs for the carbon, though 3rd party reviewers seem to think they’re a bit heavier. One weighed the X-Wild Enduro in size large at 3.75lbs (1.7Kg). Either way, weight shouldn’t be an issue when it’s on and you’re riding.

Both helmets come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Front-on view of the Nexx X-Wild Enduro in plain gloss white


Like many helmet makers who produce a dual-sports or adventure helmet, Nexx has taken a street bike helmet added a sun peak and tweaked the ventilation system to produce a new helmet for adventure bike riders.

To be honest, it’s a sensible thing to do and it’s particularly useful for adventure bike helmet buyers since it often results in a helmet that can be converted into a true street bike helmet when you’re looking to use the helmet on the road.

Either way, both the Nexx X-Wild Enduro and X-Wild Street look like decent helmets. They’ve a reasonably light weight composite fiber shell with lots of ventilation, and have a long list of features and additions that make for a helmet that’s easy to live with – including a drop down sun visor, Pinlock-ready (and wide) face shield and comfortable inner lining. They’re available at a decent middle-of-the-road price point too.

Nexx helmets are building a solid reputation for making quality helmets at affordable prices and the Nexx X-Wild Enduro and X-Wild Street both look like they’ll continue the tradition and are well worth checking out.

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Good Alternatives to the Nexx X-Wild Enduro and X-Wild Street?

Obviously, we like to focus our recommendations on safety first here at Billy’s Crash Helmets. But when it comes to adventure helmets, not many have been tested so far by SHARP.

The only dual sport helmet so far we’ve reviewed that scored well with SHARP – in fact scored a maximum 5 stars for safety – is Caberg’s Tourmax: a modular dual sport helmet. That’s still a great helmet and costs a stack less than either Nexx Helmet.

Another helmet that’s well rated is the Arai Tour X4. It’s not been SHARP tested but it is Snell certified and, like the Nexx X-Wild Enduro, it can be converted into a full face helmet by removing the peak. It’s a bit more expensive than the Nexx but comes with a 5 year warranty.

For other decent alternatives to either adventure helmets or full face helmets, please click the links below.

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Looking to buy a Nexx helmet?

We recommend you check out Revzilla (PA) for a great range of Nexx helmets, free US delivery and outstanding service. Please see here for more info on Revzilla or click this link to go straight to their Nexx helmet pages and see the latest designs and deals.


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