Caberg Stunt full face polycarbonate helmet review

There’s no doubt that Caberg’s Stunt looks very cool. It’s a polycarbonate full face helmet that’s aimed at folks who like a more aggressive-looking lid but don’t want to pay through the nose to get it. But is it all show?

Here’s what you can expect if you buy a Caberg Stunt (including what owners think of their Stunts).

  • Polycarbonate shell
  • Full face helmet
  • SHARP 2 star rating (poor)
  • ECE 22.05 approved but not DOT certified
  • 2 shell sizes
  • Fitment XS-XXL
  • Sun visor
  • Pinlock-ready main shield (not included)
  • Micrometric fastener
  • Expect to pay around $150-$175


Most folks are probably going to buy the Stunt because a) it looks mean and b) it’s pretty cheap.

Front view of the plain solid matt black Caberg Stunt.

In my book, they’re both valid reasons to buy. But it’s also a Caberg polycarbonate which usually means it’s gonna be very safe too (click the link to see more about polycarbonate helmets and see our guides for lots more information on expensive v cheap helmets and other analysis of what makes for a safe motorcycle helmet).

The Caberg Stunt is only ECE 22.05 certified for use in the EU/Oz, but isn’t DOT certified for use in the US (wonder when Caberg are gonna start importing?) but to date, Caberg have shown they’re one of the safest helmet makers out there. However; the bad news. SHARP tested the Caberg Stunt in Feb 2017 and reported it only scored 2 stars (out of 5) which is Caberg’s lowest score yet.

So far, most of their helmets have scored maximum points in the SHARP test – including their last three polycarbonate helmets. Which just goes to show the past isn’t always a good indicator of future performance!

As always, when you’re buying a new helmet, the most important feature to consider is making sure it fits right. As SHARP themselves say, you’re better off with a one star helmet that fits perfectly than a five star helmet that doesn’t. Still, not sure I’d want to be buying a SHARP two star helmet myself – might as well go for a really safe helmet in the first place right? Even if it looks as cool as the Stunt. Looking for a helmet that stands out from the crowd – try one of these coolest crash helmets.

Rear view of the Caberg Stunt blade.

The helmet comes in 2 shell sizes so it shouldn’t look too massive on your head and it’s fastened in place with a micrometric fastener. They’re nice and easy to use – but do keep checking they’re still tight as chin straps do stretch over time so you’ll probably have to slightly readjust the fastener every few months or so.

Wanna buy a Caberg Stunt?

(Note it’s not legal for use in US DOT states)

Then head on over to our UK site where you can find links to some excellent retailers who’ll ship you a Stunt.

Helmet Noise

So, it’s not the safest helmet according to SHARP. But is it any good to live with?

Well, as far as helmet noise is concerned, the answer’s a resounding… nope.

It seems the fact that there’s tons of air vents in the shell of the Stunt means there’s lots of holes for road noise to get in too.

Comments from owners are that if you get any kind of a lick on, the Stunt gets really noisy. Some folks say anything above 30, others anything above 70mph and it gets noisy.

Stunt Bizzard in black and green

Close the vents, I hear you shout. Well, you can close some but not all. So the only solution when riding with a Caberg Stunt is to stick in a good pair of ear plugs. Which, by the way, is what you should do with most helmets if you’re riding for any distance.

Do that, and you shouldn’t have a problem. Prefer to ride without ear plugs? Then, you’re probably best walking away from the Stunt and trying one of these quieter helmets.


As we said, the Caberg Stunt has lots of ventilation holes. There’s a single multi-point chin vent that’s opened by pressing in the whole chin panel and pressing a slider to close it. There’s three top crown vents with sliders to open/close plus there’s a couple of always-open side vents.

To the rear, there’s a single huge exhaust, plus a few other smaller exhausts towards the side and rear.

All of which makes for a helmet that vents very, very well. The chin vent channels air up onto the inside of the shield and the top vents pull it through channels in the lining through to the scalp. So good is the venting that the fact that there’s loads of air whooshing through the helmet is one of the biggest comments made by owners. All of which means it should be a great summer helmet but not so much of a good winter helmet!

Caberg Stunt Blizzard with fluo yellow panels showing main shield and sun shield

If you’re a summer rider, then read on. If you’re all seasons, then move on (and check some of our suggested alternatives towards the bottom of the page).


Lots of ventilation should mean that there’s lots of air inside the helmet to stop the shield fogging up, right? But that’s not necessarily the case. As with most helmets, if things get cold and damp (or warm and humid) the shield will tend to fog up, and quickly.

Thankfully, the shield on the Stunt comes Pinlock-ready. Unfortunately, there’s no Pinlock anti-fog insert included in the box. Boo. Lots of helmets, even at this price point, do include a free Pinlock in the box. Check our Pinlock helmets, and if one’s included in the box, we’ll mention it in the bullets heading up each review.

Other than the fogging, Stunt owners like the shield, It works well and gives a nice wide field of view. It works on a ratchet and has a nice positive movement.

If you decide to buy a Pinlock, you’ll need to pull off that shield. And while it’s not exactly a traditional quick-change shield, it’s still pretty simple and quick.

Rear view of the Caberg Stunt Blizzard in anthracite

You’ll find a screw-off plastic bolt at each shield pivot. Unscrew both and the shield pulls off – easy.

Sun Visor

The Caberg Stunt has a built-in drop down sun visor. It works from a slider on the left hand side of the helmet under the shield pivot point.

It slides the visor down and means you can drop it down as far down as you like. Owners say it works well and, while it’s not massively dark (most aren’t) it’s good enough to stop all but the strongest glares.

Comfort and Sizing

Owners reckon their Stunts are really comfy helmets. Comments are that it’s very comfy and has nice, plush feeling materials inside. The word snug was used more than once!

A few folks reckoned the sizing is true (so if you’re a size M, go for a size M!) but they can feel a bit tight when new. Though wear it for a few days and it’ll break in nicely – still feeling nice and tight but not too tight, just like a helmet should be.

A couple of other comments are that the Stunt is nice and high at the back, meaning it doesn’t interfere with collars at the back like some helmets do. Also, that elongated, adventure style front means there’s lots of room for your snout.

This one’s a Stunt Blade in black and pink

The interior of the Stunt is hypoallergenic and fully removable/washable. A couple of folks said it’s good for glasses wearers and they found it easy to put them on in the Stunt.

Finally, lots of people said their Caberg Stunts feel really nice and light, especially for a lower-priced polycarbonate helmet. The official weight is about 3.2lbs (1.45Kg) for the smaller shelled helmet (that’s for sizes XS-L) and 3.3lbs (1.5Kg) for XL-XXL. However one owner said he weighed his M at 2.9lbs (1.3Kg).

Whatever the truth of the weight, lots of owners said their Stunt feels really light, especially for a helmet with a sun visor. So maybe you’ll feel the same way if you buy one (let us know!).

Looks and Graphics

There’s new graphics coming out all the time for the Caberg Stunt – so check out our recommended UK retailers (on the link below) to find the absolute latest designs.

As to those all-time favourite colors, there’s a matt black and gloss white (called Metal White). There’s also a rather attractive black anthracite version that’s matt black with some very subtle designs over it which looks very cool. If you’re after a bit of hi-viz, there’s the Stunt Steez and Stunt Blizzard which are available with hi-viz green flashes all over them.

Other than that, we’ve included various Stunt Blades and all the other designs up and down this page.

Looking to buy a Caberg?

(Note Cabergs aren’t legal for use in US DOT states)

Then head on over to our UK site where you can find links to some excellent retailers who’ll ship you a Stunt.

Video of the Stunt

These are the only two English language videos I could find on YouTube. First off, Caberg Italia dude Andrea showing you round the Stunt on its release. Secondly a short video from MotoFire giving a quick overview.

Other stuff – fasteners, aero, build quality, warranty

The Caberg Stunt comes with a micrometric fastener and it also comes with a removable chin curtain and breath deflector.

Aero on the Stunt is apparently very good. Caberg themselves say it’s been wind-tunnel designed and a couple of owners say it’s really effective – including one who said even at 150 you can feel the aero working and there’s very little buffeting!

For a helmet at this low price point, a few owners said the finish and build quality is very good. Unfortunately there’s only a 1 year manufacturers warranty to back this up though which is particularly poor; lots of makers these days give a 5 year warranty.


Caberg Stunt Blade in matt black and red design.

The Stunt’s a cool-looking helmet that’s got everything you need to look mean and moody on your bike and has enough features on it that should make it easy to live with even on a daily commute. Ventilation’s great in the summer (but a bit drafty in the winter) and it’s available for a fraction over the ton – just a shame it’s not as safe as it could be and it’s a bit noisy.

If pressed, because of the low safety score, we’d have to say, read on to find a better alternative helmet for your money – one that scores higher for safety.

But if you’ve fallen for the look and style of the Stunt and just have to have one, click the link through to our recommended retailers (and read our fitting guide to make sure you get one that fits perfectly!).

Alternatives to the Caberg Stunt?

The Stunt might be a really attractive proposition, but it’s not alone. There’s some great helmets available for this price (and less) – including some that’ve been SHARP tested and scored great marks, so we know they’re safe.

The Shark S600 is available for less than the stunt, scores 4/5 stars in the SHARP test and comes with a Pinlock anti-fog in the box – and it comes with a 5 year warranty (Cabergs have a 1 year warranty).

Also have a look at AGVs K3-SV – that’s a SHARP 4 star polycarbonate full face helmet with sun visor and weighs about the same as the Stunt. And if you’re thinking of buying a Stunt and a Pinlock, then it’s worth knowing that the AGV comes with a Pinlock in the box – so it’ll probably end up costing you about the same in the long-run.

Star Ratings

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caberg-stunt-full-face-polycarbonate-helmet-reviewThere's no doubt the Caberg Stunt looks the part. It's cool-looking, it's aggressive and it has some great features too: drop down sun visor, Pinlock-ready shield (no Pinlock included tho) amazing ventilation and good build quality and comfort. Unfortunately a low SHARP safety rating of two stars and poor noise suppression means that we'd say check out our recommended (safer) alternatives instead. Which is a shame because the Stunt has lots to offer. Note: not DOT certified.


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