Welcome to Billy’s Crash Helmets

Welcome to Billy’s Crash Helmets

We’re here to bring you the best (unbiased & independent) information on the safest motorcycle crash helmets you can buy*… and to look at what folks are saying about helmets you might be thinking about buying. Hopefully that’s everything you need to make sure your next helmet is the best and safest helmet possible.

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*focusing on helmets that are SHARP 4 & 5 star approved, Snell certified and DOT or ECE certified. See about us for more detail.

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Fiberglass was the wonder material of its age. Originally developed in the 1930's it was their carbon fiber moment. It's a cheap, light weight, strong...

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What is a dual-homologated or P/J homologated motorcycle helmet? Good question. The first thing to say is that it's a term coined by the European ECE...

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All motorcycle helmets - and that includes their shields - are subject to rigorous standards and thorough testing before they go on sale in...

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Which is the Safest Brand of Motorcycle Helmets in 2016?

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